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Shrink Your Pores Using Honey

Legend says that Cleopatra’s main ingredient for her beauty regimen was honey. Well, I guess if you are in desperate need of a beauty regimen that you can...


The 2 Week Diet


Single and Loving it!

I can explore a whole new world. I have time to go out on an adventure and not have to worry about whether somebody else likes what I’m doing. My...

Top 5 Benefits of Being Single

Do you want to know what single women are most grateful for when it comes to being single? Are you wanting to get out of a relationship, and wondering...

Making a Difference to Your Weekend Fun

Do your weekends bore you? Do you feel like there really isn’t anything to do and you end up stuck in front of your television the entire day wasting your...


Traveling In Style

Are you planning on a weekend getaway this summer? Or are you going on a cross country flight for a vacation? Whether you are traveling locally or abroad...