5 Warning Signs That Your Date is Not Into You

warning signs he is not into you

Dating may seem like an easy thing to do; you go out, have dinner, talk, laugh, get to know each other, and at the end of the night he takes you home.  What people forget to mention is what happens afterwards, what do you do after the date has ended?  How do you know if you will have a second meeting?  What happens now?

Well, you’re not alone.  Plenty of women are clueless to what they should do after dating; they wonder if they should be the one to call the guy, how many days should they wait until they find out if the date was a success or not, or they can’t figure out if they guy even had a good time.  If you’re in doubt then here are a few warning signs during and after a date that will determine if he’s really into you.

Little to no eye contact

Although first dates are usually awkward and can be quite intimidating between two people, the absence of eye contact from your male companion is an obvious sign that he’s not really interested in you.  Don’t blame it on their shyness because if a guy was really attracted to you and felt some kind of chemistry then he would probably not be able to take his eyes off of you.  Believe me, eye contact between two people of the opposite sex can dictate a lot about their behavior so if your guy failed to keep looking you in the eye then it’s a clear sign for you to start fishing in a deeper ocean.

dateDoesn’t call or text you the next day

Okay, okay, I know it may be a little early to say but, if a guy doesn’t contact you right away (preferably a few minutes after he takes you to your front door or early morning the next day) then there is something wrong.  Guys who are interested in a woman will want to check up on her if she got home safe, if she slept okay, and if she’s having a good morning – other than that you are doomed.

Physical contact

We all know that men love physical contact.  Even if it’s just a slight brush off of the shoulders or a slight touch of your hands, men enjoy it and try to (as much as they can, without being too obvious) make it seem like an accident all throughout the date.  If a man does not make an effort to make any kind of physical contact with you, meaning there’s a huge distance between you two whenever you walk side by side or site beside each other, then the one you are dating is clearly stating (based on body language) that he is not really into you.

Avoids you

Okay, so we’re past the no eye or physical contact part, as well as the no call or text part, now the last thing that should give you a clear answer if your guy is not really into you is if the next time you bump into him (whether it’s at work, at the mall, or a social gathering), if that man does not acknowledge your presence or even tries to act like he has never met you in his life then that is the most obvious sign that he is not interested in you.  So, just keep your chin up and move on.

Knowing whether or not your date wants to keep seeing you is not something that you should wait around for – because with these warning signs you’ll be able to determine if he’s a hit or a miss right away.