Effective, Flirty One Liners That Women Can Say to Men

Effective, Flirty One Liners That Women Can Say to Men
The modern woman is increasingly becoming more independent and sure of herself. She knows what she wants, and she sure knows how to get it! Dating men is no exception. While a more conservative lady waits for the man to make the first move, the majority of today’s women don’t mind approaching the guys first and making their intentions known.When a woman goes out with her friends to a party or a bar for a night of fun, it is inevitable that she will meet the man of her dreams. One of the best ways to get the conversation going is to say flirty one liners. These icebreakers, when delivered the right way and at the right opportunity, are definitely an interesting way to start the night. If taken by the guy in the proper context, these lines can lead to future dates and happier times ahead. So if you are a smart, confident woman and you are ready to get your perfect match, here are some effective, flirty one liners that you can say to a guy you’re interested in.


flirty one linersOuch! That hurts! Why did you let me fall for you?

You must be good at solving puzzles…because you know how to assemble the missing pieces in my life.

If I am a lightbulb, you are the switch… because you turn me on!

Even if you are a thief, I won’t send you to jail for stealing my heart.

Have we met before? You look so familiar. Oh I know why; you’re my future boyfriend!

It’s so noisy in this place. Want to go somewhere more quiet and private?

That’s a nice shirt that you have on. May I borrow it from you?

Maybe you are a wine or a beer. I’m becoming intoxicated because of you!

My hands are cold…can you warm them up with yours?

You should not be here because you’re melting every woman’s heart!

You know what? I’m a fortune teller, and I can see our wonderful future together.

Suddenly, this place has become warmer. All because of your sizzling good looks!

My bed feels cold at night. Can you be the blanket that warms it?

You are just like my favorite cappuccino – hot, inviting, and makes me feel so good.

Please pinch me if I’ dreaming because my dream guy is now right in front of me.

Let’s toss a coin. Heads we’ll go out on a date, tails you will be mine forever.

Your lips look cold. Want to warm them with mine?

The sun must be jealous of you because you’re the hottest thing on the planet.

I think you are a doctor because you have just treated my broken heart.

You must have come straight from the oven because you’re such a hot cutie pie!

If you want to taste something nice and sweet, I’m giving you permission to taste my lips.

How does it feel to be the man that every girl in this party desires?

This must be my lucky night because you are here and I found Mr. Right.

I don’t know what your name is, but can I call you mine?

I’m usually a shy and reserved person, but you bring out the naughty part of me.

I have been a good girl all my life, but you are unleashing my wild side.

I’m updating my mobile phone’s contact numbers. May I add yours to the list?

Are you sure we’re not in an art gallery or museum? Because you truly are a fine piece of art.

Flirty one liners are sure to catch a guy’s attention. But before you deliver these, make sure that the atmosphere is just right and the timing is perfect. It won’t help your case if you are feeling awkward and you might come off as someone trying too hard. Most of all, remember to enjoy the night and everything else will fall in the right place.

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