Heed the Warnings for Emotionally Unavailable Men

Heed the Warnings for Emotionally Unavailable Men

Emotional availability is a concept that you probably aren’t aware of but is pretty much an important part of building a relationship with someone. It’s hard to find someone you’d actually like to try to build a life with, let alone invest your time, money, and emotions on this person. Let this article show you some of the signs of emotionally unavailable men to save you from the heartache you don’t deserve. Below are some of the things that you might have missed or are still unclear about.

It’s About the Chase

Flowers arrive at your doorstep almost everyday and shopping sprees become a staple to your weekends.  Small, romantic notes pop up on your computer or you hear his sometimes-awkward serenades when you least expect them.  Sounds like a dream, but if you want to keep them coming, you must never say yes to a relationship with this kind of guy. With this scenario, it’s better to NEVER say yes to him at all costs. emotionally unavailable men

Not Ready Means Never Ready

Related to the aforementioned scenario, you should not force the issue of having a relationship with a man who says he isn’t ready yet. On the contrary, space should be given to him and dignity to yourself. Nobody can force a person to change better than the person himself. On some occasions, there would seem to be a glimmer of hope for you to sway him to your direction, but really, you are just fooling yourself.

He Can’t be Reached

Like that recording on your mobile phone, this sign can be the most frustrating and stressful of all. You don’t even have to be clingy to feel this because even with the most urgent concerns, he’d have a force field all around him and never return any of your calls, texts,or online messages. If he can be that heartless, that already speaks volumes of the kind of guy you are dealing with. In other words, you don’t deserve this.

His Past is a Mystery

A relationship involves knowing each other, and that includes important things about your past as well as his. The need to know more about this man intensifies as you begin to share more of yourself until you realize that you hardly know anything about him. When that happens and you begin to ask more about who he is, he won’t budge and will shrug you off. That’s absolutely not a good sign for any relationship, and it’s a valid reason for you to get out of it.

His Feelings are His Alone

Most men are pretty secretive about the way they feel, and it might take a while for them to open up, but they do.  So if you notice that it has become a one-way street, it might be a good time to step back and analyze how much he has left you in the dark.

When you think about it, these signs of emotionally unavailable men are so obvious, but we choose to ignore them to give him a chance. Well, maybe it’s a better idea to give that chance to yourself instead.