Warning Signs of Emotionally Unavailable Men: Avoids Conflicts

Warning Signs of Emotionally Unavailable Men: Avoids Conflicts
If there were anything that a woman would find most important to have in her relationship, it would be harmony. Having a conflict-free relationship can give a woman much happiness and peace of mind.  Such a relationship, however, isn’t perfect .If you’re dating a guy who avoids having conflicts with you, unfortunately, this behavior is one of the signs of emotionally unavailable men.

A man who is emotionally unavailable possesses certain character flaws that can ruin any romantic relationship he has.Avoiding conflicts is such a character flaw. Even if a guy avoids conflictsoften in order to keep his relationship harmonious, doing so would be detrimental tothe relationship in the long run.

No matter how hard you try, there’s no way you can make your relationship perfect. A relationship is verycomplicated. It consists of various aspects, and it would be impossible for you and your boyfriend or fiancé to manage all of those aspects perfectly, so it’s inevitable for you to have conflicts with him. But you should know that it’s normal to have conflicts, and such an argument can be beneficial to your relationship.

When you and your boyfriend or fiancé resolve a conflict, you reach a resolution.When you reach a resolution, not only do both of you learn how to manage the relationship even more effectively, but you also understand each other better. If your boyfriend or fiancé avoids having conflicts with you, you won’t be able to gain all of these benefits. What’s worse issuch behavior proves he’s a coward, who cannot really keep you safe. emotionally unavailable men

Your boyfriend or fiancé shouldn’t avoid having a conflict with you, even if he loves you deeply.Although having suchan argument is painful, if both of you do your best to reach a resolution, you will grow, and your love will become stronger than ever. If you have no such argument, not only would you bothremain the same and effectively give your relationship no chance of ever improving, your relationship cannot become as strong as it can possibly be.

To help you easilyspot such a cowardly guy, here are some warning signs:

  1. He ignores issues you may have with him.
  2. He changes the subject when you begin talking about your issues with him.
  3. He doesn’t help you resolve a conflict involving both of you.
  4. He refuses to have potentially incendiary discussions with you.
  5. He agrees with you all the time.

If there’s anything that could turn off women about men, it’s cowardice. A man should not only know how to keep his girlfriend or fiancée safe, buthe must also be brave. If he can’t even resolve something together with his girlfriend as manageable as a conflict between them, there’s no guarantee that he won’t leave her once the going gets really rough. Given the signs of emotionally unavailable men who are also such cowards, we hope to help you avoid having a relationship with such a guy.