Warning Signs That a Man is Emotionally Unavailable: Being Indecisive and Flaky

Warning Signs That a Man is Emotionally Unavailable Being Indecisive and Flaky 1
Having a relationship is very complicated. Not only does a relationship have various areas that you and your boyfriend or fiancé should manage as effectively as possible,but both of you should also make each decision related to your relationship carefully so as to keep it harmonious. If you don’t, you could commit a grave mistake that could cause the relationship to fail or end. But this doesn’t mean you or your boyfriend or fiancé should make decisions so carefully that you two become indecisive or flakes. Being so is detrimental to your relationship. If you’re dating a guy who is indecisive or is a flake, sadly, it’s one of the signs of emotionally unavailable men.

When in a relationship, whether you like it or not, every decision you and your boyfriend or  affects both of you. In order to keep your relationship harmonious, you should make decisions carefully and decisively. Doing so shows that you’re committed to the relationship and that you’d stand by your decision even if you make a mistake. Showing that you have these qualities proves that you’re in the relationship for the long haul and that your significant other can depend on you. If your boyfriend or fiancé is indecisive or is a flake, there’s no guarantee that he won’t leave you when the relationship becomes rocky.

It’s important to feel secure in your relationship. Without a sense of security, you wouldn’t be able to trust your boyfriend or fiancé. If you don’t trust him, you will never be able to truly love him. emotionally unavailable

One of the ways that your boyfriend or fiancé could help you gain such a sense of security is making decisions with neither hesitation nor uncertainty. He effectively shows you that he is resolute and trustworthy by doing so. If he doesn’t, not only could he be weak and unreliable, it’s unlikely you could ever have a healthy, meaningful relationship with him.

To help you easily spot such a weak and emotionally unavailable guy, here are some warning signs:

  1. He makes plans to see you but flakes on you on the day you were supposed to see each other.
  2. Sometimes he refuses to see you for no reason.
  3. He talks about getting serious with you but never really acts on it.
  4. Sometimes he’s cold towards you for no reason.
  5. He breaks the promises he makes to you.

If there’s anything that could ruin a relationship, it’s insecurity. Since you’ll be investing a lot in your relationship, you have every right to expect your boyfriend or fiancé to be resolute and trustworthy. Showing that he possesses these qualities proves that you can count on him. If you’re dating a guy who is indecisive or is a flake, there’s no guarantee that he’ll commit to you. Given the signs of emotionally unavailable men who are also such weaklings, we hope to help you avoid having a painful relationship with such a man.