14 Free Courses in Udemy to Help You Gain Valuable Skills in the Workplace

14 Free Courses in Udemy to Help You Gain Valuable Skills in the Workplace
Udemy is an e-learning website where experts or professors can upload courses and training materials such as videos and reading materials that students can access by registering with Udemy and enrolling for the course. Courses are arranged according to price and categories. Each course is also rated with up to 5 stars as the highest rating from students who already took the course. We have compiled here courses that can help anyone gain valuable skills at work from communication skills to selling to managing people. All the courses are free and can be accessed upon registering with Udemy:

1. Public Speaking: Eliminate your fear

This course offers 9 lectures totalling 46 minutes and is being offered by TJ Walker. TJ is the founder of Media Training Worldwide, which has been conducting training workshops about Public Speaking since 1984. Take this course if you want to eliminate nervousness and anxiety when speaking.

2. Secret sauce of great writing

This course shares tips on how to be a ‘slick’ writer and is being offered by Shani Raja, a writing coach. The course comes with a free e-book from Shani.

3. Life Impact System – Defining Who You Really Are (Confidence and Communication Skills)

According to Sean Brickell, who teaches this course, The Life Impact System is “a complete psychological and practical confidence and communication training system.” The course aims to help you overcome psychological fears, becoming a more convincing and more persuasive communicator.

4. Being an effective presenter

This course teaches you how to create and deliver effective presentations and is being offered by Duncan Brodie, the Managing Director of Goals and Achievement. Duncan is also an accountant and consultant and has done countless presentations in his career.

5. How to upgrade your skills and boost your income

This course teaches sales skills and how to maximize your income through sales. It is being taught by William U. Pena, who has an MBA andis also the author of the book ‘The 3 day entrepreneur’.

6. Networking Secrets: Get more business through meeting people

Taught by Eric Byrd, creator of Pitch for Success, this course aims to make you a pro in networking. Eric says business is “all about people and relationships,” so to grow a business, we need to build and establish relationships with the right people. The course will teach you how to be confident in drawing people into a conversation.

7. Job interview skills training courseudemy

This course will give you tips on preparing for an interview and tell you the 15 most important questions asked during an interview and how to answer them. It is being taught by TeachUcomp, Inc. and currently has more than 1,000 students enrolled.

8. Crisis Communication

Learn how to respond in a crisis situation, identify types of crises, and how to put a crisis management plan in place.

9. People Management- Overview

This course is designed for supervisors and managers at all organizational levels. It is being taught by Slavi Slavov, a Business Development Consultant. The course is full of tips on how to manage people and cultivate talent. 

10. How to Negotiate like an angry bride

This course entices you by claiming it will give you ‘3 important secrets in negotiation’ and have fun at the same time. It is being taught by Lewis Lin, who at one point was Microsoft’s Director of Product Management.

11. Calm Angry People Quickly

This course will teach you how to manage conflict and gain peace and productivity. It is taught by Dr. Richard Walters, a Human Relations Specialist. Richard holds a Masters Degree in Business and Counseling and a PhD in Counselling Psychology. After the course, Richard says you’ll become confident when dealing with an angry person.

12. Sales Training- Sales Prospecting for Beginners

This course will teach you how to overcome phone fear, beat ‘gatekeepers’, and build trust with customers. This sales training course has over 30 lectures and 3 hours of content. It is being taught by David Craig White, a Motivational Sales Coach.

13. Customer Service

This course is being offered by Saylor Academy, a non-profit organization. With over 38 lectures and a total of 11 hours of content, it showcases methods of customer relations and career advancement tactics. It provides helpful tips in telephone etiquette, how to prevent and solve problems, work in a team effectively, and create favorable impressions from customers, amongst other things.

14. Leadership, Management,& Entrepreneurship in the 21st century

Learn how to lead a high-performing team, build ethical and effective strategies, and create a meaningful and positive work environment through this course. It is being taught by Leadapreneur 21st Century Leaders and at the moment has over 11,000 students enrolled. The course also shares its ‘21 Principles of 21st century leadership’.               

We hope you got curious enough to check out some of these courses being offered in Udemy. If you want to browse for more free courses, simply visit Udemy’s website. Have fun learning!

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