3-Day Low-Calorie Vegetarian Meal Plan

Are you ready to conquer your low-calorie meal plans by ditching meat products and focusing on anything but meat?  You can definitely keep your body nourished using this 1,200-calorie vegetarian meal plan.  In fact, most 1,200-calorie diet plans are typically used for weight loss programs.  So yes, you’ll still get the right kind and amount of nutrients you need while following this meal plan from day 1 to day 5. 

1,200-Calorie Vegetarian Meal Plan Day 1

Start your day with a 254-calorie breakfast, which includes a packet of fiber rich oatmeal, 2 hard-boiled egg whites, and a cup of your favorite fruit.  This breakfast should have enough calories to get you started for the day.

For lunch, prepare a Chickpea Salad Sandwich by using ingredients such as 2 slices of whole wheat bread, half a cup of mashed chickpeas, a tablespoon of light mayo, half a cup of baby carrots, and string cheese.  This is a total of 350 calories.

Your 1,200-calorie meal plan includes dinner with a total of 435 calories – Pasta with Tofu and Broccoli.  Ingredients are as follows – 1 cup of whole wheat pasta, garden salad, 3 ounces of tofu, half a cup of broccoli, and 2 tablespoons of light balsamic vinegar. 

You can snack on a handful of raisins, granola, or some nuts to give you the added calories you need. 

vegetarian meal plan1,200-Calorie Vegetarian Meal Plan Day 2

Breakfast consists of a cup of soy milk and 1/3 cup of dry oatmeal added with half a cup of blueberries and half a teaspoon of flax seed oil.  To complete your meal, drink 8 ounces of orange juice.

For lunch, you can feast on some tacos.  You’ll need 2 corn tortillas, 2 tablespoons of salsa, 1/5 of an avocado, and half a cup of black beans. 

Snacks can be as simple as having edamame (boiled or steamed).

Lastly, you can enjoy 3.5 ounces of sautéed tofu in garlic and soy sauce placed on top of half a cup of brown rice.  Toss some salad with half a cup of sliced mushrooms, 3 cups of baby spinach, lemon juice, and a tablespoon of hemp seeds.  This menu should get you really close to the 1,200-calorie mark you need for a day.

1,200-Calorie Vegetarian Meal Plan Day 3

You can never go wrong with cereals mixed with your favorite fruits for breakfast.  This duo is packed with all the right nutrients you need to kick start your day.  The total count of calories for the start of your 1,200-calorie vegetarian meal plan on your third day is 205 calories.

Grab some light soup added with a cup of spinach and string cheese for lunch.  This should fill you up with the good stuff.

Delight yourself with a delectable dinner of smoked salmon with a few crackers and cheese. 

For your snacks, you can enjoy a medium apple with a tablespoon of peanut butter.  

Enjoy your 3-day meat-free meal plan that will help you start your journey of losing weight.  Have fun!

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