3 Natural Stress Relievers and How to Make Them Your Habit

By Mae Davies / October 12, 2014
3 Natural Stress Relievers and How to Make Them Your Habit
More and more women find that stress is becoming part of their lives. With so much pressure from work, family, friends, and other daily obligations, what can a woman do to be able to handle all the stimulation from living in today’s world. If you are feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities and don’t know what to do, have no fear. You are not alone; studies reveal that the vast majority suffer from stress at any given point in their lives. Some women seek professional help to be able to cope with stress, and while there is nothing wrong with that, there are plenty of natural stress relievers available around us that are free of charge and very easy to incorporate into our daily routines.

Read on below and try out some of them and see which natural stress relievers work best for you:

1. Exercise

Whether you’re on a treadmill at home or brisk walking outside, pumping up your heartbeat will cause endorphins to be released from your brain. Endorphins are chemicals in the brain responsible for that feel-good high that you feel after working out. It has also been noted in many studies regarding depression that exercising alone can be a big help in alleviating depression. The same goes for the case of stress; no matter how busy we are at work and at home, if we find time to exercise, it will help balance us and make our overall performance much better.

How to make it a habit: women complain that they cannot find the time to exercise; they know how good it is for them, but somehow they cannot make it their priority. If one hour every day is too much for you, start with 15-30 minutes once or twice a week. You can even do it on a weekend if you are working full time during the week. Once your body (and mind) has adjusted, try to do it 3 times a week and increase the length of the exercise gradually. When you see the results and how energized and invigorated you feel after a workout, it will be easier for you to be motivated to do it again.

2. Listen to music

Studies reveal that listening to music (especially the soothing kind) is one of the natural stress relievers that help quiet our minds. But listening to music you love is even more beneficial as one study claims. Patients in a hospital were allowed to listen to their choice of music, and those patients showed much improvement in their mood and, as a result, improved their health. There is one comatose woman who came out of her coma after listening to one song: “Om Shanti” by the UK band Bliss. That gives you an idea of how powerful music can be.

How to make it a habit: Go portable, put all your beloved songs into mp3 format, and load it in a portable mp3 player. Get some earphones so you can listen to it anywhere. Set up some speakers at home too, within your reach, so it will always be accessible to you. natural stress relievers

3. Dance

It started with Jazzercise, and now Zumba is taking over the world. While you can do these dance exercises in a gym or your local YMCA, you can easily do them at home in front of your TV or computer if you don’t have the chance to go out. I personally know a friend, who cannot do gyms but prefers any kind of dancing exercise. There are so many to choose from nowadays; there is Hip-hop abs and even a pole dance routine by Carmen Electra. You can check out YouTube for videos if you want to try it at home.

How to make it a habit: The key here is to dance to music that you love; the steps rarely matter. Just pick music that you feel like dancing to. I noticed that in my Zumba class, I dance better when they’re playing a song I really like. Start with 1-2 times a week and then increase up to 3. Download some dance videos to watch at home for days when you can’t go out.

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