3 Prevailing Assumptions Preventing You From Reaping the Benefits of Doing Yoga

3 Prevailing Assumptions Preventing You From Reaping the Benefits of Doing Yoga
The benefits a person could get depend on his mindset.  For instance, because many people find it girly or weird, not everybody does yoga. How odd, since Yogalosophy—a yoga-based handbook, written by yogi-to-Hollywood-stars Mandy Ingber, on how to have a mind-body makeover within a month—has improved many people’s lives already.  In fact, this handbook has made Ms. Ingber a New York Times best-selling author.  We could only imagine how much people are missing out on by jumping to conclusions.

If we’ve piqued your interest in checking out Yogalosophy, we believe it would be best that we disprove some of the prevailing assumptions about yoga for you. Once you know what it’s all about, we trust you’ll be able to do yoga without reservation, enabling you to practice it properly.

1. Yoga Isn’t Intended Only for Women to Practice

It would be nice to have to share yoga only with your bosom buddies, wouldn’t it?  The reality, however, is that yoga is intended to be practiced by everybody.  As a matter of fact, the first practitioners of yoga weren’t all women.  Buddhists are among the people who first practiced yoga.Only men were allowed to become Buddhists.

The reason there are more women who practice yoga than men is that the former are normally more concerned about health and fitness than the latter.  But since living a healthy lifestyle has gained popularity all over the world in recent years, more men now than before practice yoga, including policemen, soldiers, construction workers, athletes, and university professors.

yoga2. Yoga Isn’t Just Glorified Stretching

There are people who assume that yoga is just exaggerated posing, because they just see a bunch of people posing in a room.  It’s likely that they don’t know there are differentstyles of yoga, and some are surprisingly challenging.  For example, there’s Ashtanga yoga, which is intended to improve strength, stamina, and flexibility significantly.

3. Yoga Isn’t Intended to Make You Sexy or Give You a Rock-hard Body

Unlike Pilates and Zumba, yoga wasn’t invented to help people attain their dream psyches.  As we’ve mentioned already about Yogalosophy, yoga is intended to change you in mind and body for the better, by uniting them.  Yogis believe having a strong, deep connection between a person’s body and mind will bring harmony, as well as happiness, to his life.  This connection is formed by holding the yoga poses.  Since each pose is an exercise with a meditative effect on the person holding it, both his mind and body will be made stronger in the course of practicing yoga,enabling them to function even more harmoniously.

We shouldn’t dismiss something just because we find it strange.  More often than not, good things come by way of unlikely things, people, and situations.  Having disproved for you some of the prevailing assumptions about yoga, we hope we were able to interest you in giving it a shot.  For all you know, you might become healthier, as well as sharper in mind, than you’ve ever been before.

To increase your chances of success, we suggest you get a copy of Yogalosophy through Amazon.  Not only is this handbook currently being sold here for a good price, but we also trust there’s no one who could help you better achieve a mind-body makeover than Ms. Ingber.

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