4 Foods That will Sweep You (and your colon) Off of Your Feet

4 Foods That will Sweep You (and your colon) Off of Your Feet
Some experts speculate that most diseases originate from the colon. And knowing its function, the idea is not farfetched. The colon has two major roles when it comes to maintaining the person’s health. The first function is to “absorb” the needed water, electrolytes, and nutrients that have not been absorbed by the small intestine. A healthy colon will do just that: it will ONLY absorb nutrients, water, and electrolytes. Why? It’s because the second role is to get rid of the waste materials that are not needed by the body.

However, if the colon is full of imbedded dirt and toxins, it may not perform its function well. The tendency is to absorb even the toxins. When that happens, dirt is driven towards the whole system.

This is the reason why colon cleanse home remedies are important. Keeping the colon clean and healthy will drive away the risk of colon cancer and other dangerous systemic diseases. If you’re worried that these home remedies will only be another tiring and complicated task, relax. All you need is a slight tweak in your meal plans.

1. Fiber

Foods rich in fiber work wonders for your large intestine. Colon cleanses cannot be completed without fiber in your diet. Not only does it help the colon, but it also helps the whole digestive tract by sweeping away the dirt and toxins.

There are two types of fiber that can be included in your diet: soluble and insoluble. The first can be dissolved in water, and the latter cannot. Insoluble fiber helps the passage of stool become a breeze. Soluble fiber, on the other hand, helps increase the amount of good bacteria in the colon. This bacteria functions as the “antibiotic” that eliminates harmful bacterial growth.

Examples of fiber are as follows: Flaxseeds, oats, carrots, brown rice, turnips and apple (don’t remove the skin!)

colon2. Greenies

If you feel like your colon has been abused for years of an unhealthy lifestyle with little to no colon cleanses, you can start cleansing it by consuming foods that are rich in chlorophyll. Aside from the fact that it also sweeps the colon like a broom, the chlorophyll content of the food relieves the colon of the damages it has endured. Examples of green foods with chlorophyll are barley, spirulina, alfalfa, and wheat grass.

3. Water

Since the body is made up of 70% water, it is imperative that colon cleanse home remedies should also include this fluid. Drinking more water also brings ease in the passage of stool. The trick is to drink water 30 minutes before every meal. This will prepare the digestive tract and can even help your weight loss goal. Don’t include sweetened beverages when you’re monitoring your fluid intake. Caffeinated drinks also do not count. If you feel the urge to drink due to thirst, drink water.

4. Fermented foods

Regularly intake of fermented foods will increase the friendly bacteria in your colon. This diet does little to help the colon, but it does a lot in helping the colon become healthy by enhancing production of significant vitamins and minerals from the friendly bacterial flora. Examples of fermented foods that you can include in your colon cleanse are yogurt and kefir. There are also fermented drinks in the form of milk that contains live lactobacilli—the most abundant good bacteria in your colon.

These home remedies are not really difficult to accomplish. It may take getting used to, but only after weeks of modifying your diet, you will feel lighter, more energized, and healthier.

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