4 Lies that Single Women Like to Tell

By Mae Davies / September 8, 2014
4 Lies that Single Women Like to Tell

He calls you to check if you’re on your way to meet up with him; you blatantly tell him “yes, of course, I’ll be there in 5 minutes” when in reality you’re still at home trying to decide what to wear. Women, just like men, tell as many necessary lies as they possibly can in order to avoid arguments and free themselves from embarrassing moments. Behind these false statements lies the real reason why women do the things they do and say what they need to say. Here are some of the most common lies women are guilty of:

1. Age

Women do not like admitting their age, especially if they’re already way past the numbers on a calendar. Most women fear getting old mainly because of all the physical changes that the body goes through: wrinkles, sagging skin, and gray hair, you name it. Growing old has its downsides and that is why women spend so much money on products to diminish the signs of their actual age. Telling a guy that you’re only 33 when you’re actually 38 makes a woman feel young (even if it’s just for a little while) and a little mischievous. lies

2. Phone Number

A majority of single women give out fake phone numbers to men who don’t quite meet their expectations or clearly do not have any chance in the world with them. Lying seems like the
easiest way to let a guy down without actually saying it directly to his face. Dumping a guy isn’t simple, but giving him wrong information is an effortless move to avoid having to be in that awkward situation.

3. Weight

Just like a woman’s age, women don’t like letting everyone in the world know how much they weigh. It’s bad enough that most women have a love/hate relationship with the weighing scale; having someone of the opposite sex know your exact weight can be quite uncomfortable. So lying, or simply deducting a few pounds from your actual weight, can be relieving in times of need.

4. How they really feel

When a woman is asked how she really feels during a hardship, a majority of them will just say, “I’m fine” or “I’m okay.” These short answers may sound good enough, but deep inside, she is already building up her emotions and waiting for the right time to explode. Women lie about their feelings, especially when they know that they won’t be able to control their emotions; lying makes them look tough even though deep inside they’re holding on to dear life.

Dishonesty may not be an attractive trait in a woman, but sometimes twisting the truth can make a few circumstances a little less complicated, especially if it involves trying to rescue oneself from a date from hell. These lies, although may be a lifesaver at times, should not have total control of you and every word that comes out of your mouth. So, lie a little — only when it’s necessary.

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