5 Important Benefits of Yogalosophy

5 importance of yogalosophy
Yogalosophy is the new tidal wave which hit the fitness world – from the true health buffs up to the wannabe fitness fanatics. With Jennifer Anniston showing off that sexy body, no wonder why women are crazing over it as the new method to achieve their weight loss goals. But what is Yogalosophy? And what are its benefits to the body?

Yogalosophy is actually a term coined by Mandy Ingber
, a popular yoga and fitness instructor, (who is also Jennifer Anniston’s longtime friend and yoga instructor). The term was first introduced by Ingber in her book and DVD, but it made much noise only after people have seen the stripper-body of Anniston in her film We’re the Millers. And I guess what convinced women about this style of yoga are the amazing results that they have seen in the very credible actress.

But before buying a book or a DVD or before jumping into a yoga class, first, it is important to know its benefits so you won’t have any unrealistic expectations of it. Let’s see why Mandy Ingber would refer to it as the ultimate mind and body makeover.

1. Healthy and Fit Body

yogalosophyLike any other kind of yoga, it helps one achieve a healthy and fit body by combining strength exercise and toning movements. Its different postures facilitate in giving more strength, balance and flexibility to the body. The toning exercises used in Yogalosophy gives the body a cardiovascular workout, making you drop a good number of pounds. The yoga stretches help in sculpting both the upper and lower body and in getting it into shape. You might think that it involves only poses and stretches, but when doing it, you actually burn lots of fat and calories and you also strengthen your muscles and tissues.

2. Flexibility

The stretches in Yoga help us to achieve flexibility. According to Ingber, “flexibility is what keeps us young”. Flexibility enhances our posture. It also makes us less at risk with having injuries for it improves our overall physical performance and reduce muscle and tissue strains. It also relieves stress by releasing the tension that has built up in our muscles. Some of us may not be as flexible as others, but Yogalosophy will surely help us get a more flexible

3. Healthy Mind

Having a healthy mind is just as important as having a healthy body. Our current mental state affects the body greatly, so much so that great mental stress can take its toll on the body in the form of psychological conditions and illnesses.

What makes it different from other exercises and workouts is that it affects not just the body, but also the mind. The different positions used in Yoga aid our nervous system to function properly, all the way from our nerves up to the brain. It also helps us to achieve focus and to center ourselves (which we will surely need in the different aspects of our lives – be it in our work, career or personal lives).

yoga standing position4. Spiritual and Emotional Awareness

Most of the fitness programs that we have today provide only for physical and mental health. It seems that spiritual and emotional development are easily forgotten or not given much attention. But what differentiates Yogalosophy among the others is that it focuses also on the spiritual and emotional development of the person.

Practicing Yoga allows us to calm down, giving our minds a more pensive attitude. And when our minds are at rest and at peace, the effect is a more heightened awareness of our body, our feelings and emotions. Yogalosophy lets us become more conscious of the needs of our body, of how we relate to others and to the things around us, as well as of how we manage our emotions. Managing our emotions is an important key towards our self-regulation and positive character development. While a heightened sense of spirituality will foster more fruitful emotional engagements and relationships for us.

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5. Philosophy

From the word itself, one can guess that there’s a philosophy behind it. Yogalosophy is intended not just as a weight loss method, but it’s actually designed to become one’s way of life. It is a method for you to connect both your mind and body in a more meaningful way. While practicing it, you not only lose weight or develop a strong mind, but you also get to create and realize a vision that you have fashioned for yourself. Yogalosophy would help you achieve a life-embracing mindset in order for you to become the woman that you want to be.

Indeed, there are many benefits of Yogalosophy, and it can sure make a big difference in our lives. In this modern and past-paced age, overall health is important because this is our primary weapon against battling life’s daily challenges. Yogalosophy will help us get the best shape of our lives.

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Mae Davies

BA, MA Psychology (and Conflict Resolution), University of Cambridge (2007). With a decade of trial and error in psychology and 33 years of navigating my own complex (that's one word for it!) relationships with family, friends, co-workers and men, I hope I have some useful knowledge and skills to share with my readers about making sense of relationships and trying to become a better person every day.