5 Rules to Dating for Single Women

rules to dating

When it comes to rules to dating, a majority of women usually end up disappointed or on the verge of giving up looking for Mr. Right forever.  Why is that?  Well, it seems that when women step out into the dating world we like to invest all our heart and emotions on a guy whom we aren’t really sure is the right one for us, which results in being hopeless and heartbroken.  You know what ladies?  It’s time for a change. Before you venture into dating again, live by these five rules to dating for single women so that you can be prepared to search for a man who will treat you like a queen.

Rule # 1: Be Honest

Lying is a major turn-off and it could completely lose your trust in a person.  A single woman does not need any more lying jerks in their life – why be one?  Honesty is something that many women love and consider to be one major characteristic that they look for in a significant other.  That doesn’t mean you can spill all the beans about your life to your date – that would totally ruin the mystery – so be honest about the important aspects of your personality, your life, and everything else they need to know about you before venturing into a whole new level in the relationship.

Rule # 2: Know Right Away

It only takes a few minutes into the date for you to determine if he’s a keeper or not.  A woman’s instinct should be put to good use when going on a date.  Trust me.  That voice inside your head telling you that there’s something odd about a guy constantly talking about his 100 plus ex-girlfriends or his wild spring break vacation should already be a red flag.

rules to datingRule # 3: Don’t Make Any Move

You can never foresee where a relationship will be heading so don’t make any stupid move that you will regret later on, like sleeping with a man on the first date and find out that he’s a jerk or he’s already married with four kids – don’t make any move unless you are 100% sure that he is the right guy.  Men love a little challenge so just keep him wanting more by giving him less – this is a guaranteed move only if the guy is in it for you, not just in order to fulfill his desire.

Rule # 4: Limit Physical Contact

Just like making any false moves, limiting your physical contact with a guy you are dating is best in order to take things slow and to keep him from thinking that you’re an easy girl.  Dating isn’t a race, so there’s no need to hold hands right away or get some lip action – you are not entitled to do so.  Keep the physical contact to a minimum.

Rule # 5: Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

Some dates may go as planned, while some end up in a disaster but that doesn’t mean you should kiss dating goodbye, right?  Don’t get your hopes up because believe it or not there are plenty of men out there in the world.  Crying over a guy or blaming yourself for not being pretty enough or funny enough is a waste of time – get over it and move on. 

Searching for the right guy isn’t going to be easy, but you have to keep trying with these five rules to dating.

These rules to dating are made to make you realize that dating isn’t something that you should give yourself to right away.  Take the time to really get to know the guys you are dating and use your womanly instincts.  Love can be found only if you don’t lose hope that there are still good guys out there. 

About the Author Erin Lane

I'm a Dating Senior Writer at Independent Femme. I'm famously indecisive and love to write about love, marriage, and making the world a better place for healthy and sparkling relationships!

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Jen says February 23, 2018

“Dating isn’t a race, so there’s no need to hold hands right away or get some lip action – you are not entitled to do so. ”

Obviously we’re entitled to physical contact if it’s mutually desired, so I think you meant to say “obligated.” 🙂

But I don’t believe that it’s necessary to limit physical contact to keep guys from thinking that you’re “easy.” My rule is that if I want to sleep with a guy and he wants to sleep with me, doing so will bring me some enjoyment or at least rule out someone I’m not sexually compatible with before I’ve invested a ton of time and emotional energy.

Giving up control of the outcome – which is just an illusion anyway – and just enjoying the moment for what it is guarantees you a win. I’m perfectly capable of delayed gratification if it can improve things in the long run, but that’s not the case for me here. If a guy is going to quit seeing me because he didn’t like how quickly I wanted to sleep with him (when he just did the same himself!), he is a jerk, and waiting longer wouldn’t have turned him into a non-jerk. It would, however, waste time I could put to better use by moving on.

I slept with my boyfriend of six months on our second date simply because I wanted to, and his primary reaction was to be thrilled that he found a woman who enjoys sex as much as he does. I’ve spoken with plenty of other women who slept with their long-term boyfriends or husbands very early on in dating. The timing within which a person feels comfortable having sex for the first time is part of their value system, and the right guy will appreciate that compatibility if you’re ready when he is, whether that’s within the first few dates or a couple of months down the road. A good guy wouldn’t expect that, but he sure isn’t going to find it a turnoff.

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