5 Surefire Ways To Relieve Stress Naturally

By Mae Davies / November 13, 2014
5 Surefire Ways To Relieve Stress Naturally
Are you feeling stressed out and don’t know what to do or where to go?  Are you finding it hard to get support and don’t know where to begin?  Living in the modern world is full of challenges, and while many women find it rewarding to live full and busy lives, they sometimes feel overwhelmed and forget how to balance work with their personal lives.  We can relate to this, and that is why we’ve compiled for you 5 surefire ways to relieve stress naturally:

1. Meditate

Don’t get caught up in labels; meditation is very easy. Start with just closing your eyes and paying attention to your breathing. Feel the energy in your body and just stay still for a few minutes. If you prefer open-eyed meditation, light a candle and place your attention on the flame and just observe it. Notice how your mind will quiet down the longer you stare at the flame.The key is to setting aside time and paying attention to what you are feeling in your body while quieting your mind.

2. Get a massage

Who doesn’t like a back rub or a foot rub at the end of the day, right? Even better, try aromatherapy if you have the chance. It’s a type of massage that uses essential oils like lavender that smells so good and is so relaxing too. An aromatherapist applies light to moderate pressure on your body. It’s more relaxing than a therapeutic or sports massage.Go ahead and pamper yourself once in a while. It’s a very inexpensive way to relieve stress naturally, and by the end of the session, you’re guaranteed to be relaxed. So relaxed, in fact,that most people fall asleep in the middle of it.

3. Join a group or club

Joining a group means you’ll meet like-minded people who share your interest or passion. Be it a cause or hobby or just anything that you’re interested in at the moment, having a support group is an amazing way to get away from our usual responsibilities at work and chores at home. Sharing ideas and your experiences with other people have been found to be beneficial for your health and a great way to relax.Find out if there’s a club you can join in your area. Check for ads on bulletin boards or browse the internet to look for groups. relieve stress naturally

4. Try alternative medicine

Acupuncture has long been practiced in the East,but it is now gaining popularity in the Western world. In fact, most spas nowadays offer this ancient method of sticking tiny hair-like needles into meridian points found all over our bodies. Acupuncture is mostly used for managing and treating pain, but it’s also great for headaches, migraines, and stress relief. I know one colleague who suffers from an overactive mind and tried this alternative route. She reported improvement just after one session. Other noteworthy alternative healing modalities that are natural include Reflexology and Indian Head Massage.

5. Try Yoga

Yoga has been known to reduce stress, and it’s also a great way to exercise.It promotes an active yet balanced lifestyle, and there are many types to choose from. While some poses are definitely more for advanced practitioners, there are many stretching moves for beginners that are quite easy to follow. Yoga as a practice balances and quiets your mind, putting the focus on your body.It’s extremely relaxing and provides mental focus.It’s a very effective way to relieve stress naturally, and that is why more companies are now providing yoga classes in their office gym so their employees can benefit from this natural stress reliever.

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