5 Tips For Dating a Golfer

Tips For Dating a Golfer

Golf doesn’t seem to be a very exciting game even for beginners, but according to Match.com, women prefer men who play golf.

Golf is the ultimate gentleman’s game, and women crave a gentleman. Golf is also a social game and one rarely plays alone, so golfers tend to enjoy social situations and have people skills. Golfers can pull themselves away from the desk to relax; they have a passion; and they have enough money to enjoy their passion. Who wouldn’t want a gracious, elegant, honorable and financially stable squire?

Glomour Magazine

There are quite a few benefits of picking your man based on his hobby, and if any hobby is good, when it comes to dating, golf is probably in my top 3.

And here is why.

1. He knows how to handle a lot of frustration.

It might not look like this on screen, but golf is an emotional roller coaster for golfers.

Many great players admitted to the saying that the game is lost and won in the mind, not on the golf course.

Your man probably puts a lot of pressure on himself to play very well, and when his shot doesn’t go the way he plans he questions his entire skillset first – he doesn’t go into blaming the ball, the club or the course, he puts it all on himself.

This is sometimes known as a ‘frustrated golfer’ syndrome. But the good news is, he will always be willing to look in the mirror first in any conflict situation in your relationship.

You won’t need to point out to him his own issues, he will be happy to work on them to get better results in your relationship!

2. He is focused and determined.

Golf requires proper focus and dedication.

Why? He needs to focus in general to stay in the game over the course of 18 holes, which usually takes up a whole day.

He also needs to focus on each shot and every single time he also has to go through an entire pre-shot routine, however complex and confusing (or outright wacky!) it might seem to you.

And then he also needs to focus on the ball at each swing. Now that’s a whole lot of focusing.

Now imaging trying to get an attention of a man, who isn’t a golfer. If you dated at least once, you’d know that it might take a few minutes.

And then it is even harder to keep him focused on a simple conversation.

Not with a golfer.

You will get his undivided attention.

3. He knows how to deal with failure.

There is a term in golf called ‘handicap’. It basically means an average score of his game. So in golf reality, handicaps are just a normal part of life, to him being judged because of it is like being judged for being born. It’s simply unnatural.

He also understands that he needs to get over his own mistakes, learn from them and move on. Because golf is mainly a game of the minds and psychology, in order to succeed, he needs to get over himself each time to keep going forward.

That’s a perfect principle for your relationship. He won’t dwell on issues, but will try to anylize and resolve them with you.

4. He is committed.

There is no such thing as instant and continuous success in golf. So, as a golfer, you know he is in it for the long haul.

Golf is a game that penetrates his mind. He is constantly battling against getting distracted from his precise shot. When that happens, he would take a step back and reevaluate. Find a clean mind slate, so to speak.

He is committed to making his shots better and scoring each time, as golf is a game of averages. He will keep at it, for as long as it takes.

This is an amazing quality in a romantic partner.

You definitely want a boyfriend like that.

5. You can have great dates on a golf course.

If you join him on a golf course, you’ll be spending endless hours together in beautiful manicured green surroundings. Not a bad way to keep romantic vibes going for much longer.

Lots of golf courses come with other amazing facilities, like cafes, restaurants, and even pools and spas! So next time you are packing up to join your guy on a golf course, ask him suggestively if you’d need your bikini!

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