5 Types of Health Businesses For Women To Start in 2022

Evening-classes-for-womens-career-boostWomen are taking the lead in businesses around the globe. Whether you have a degree or background in business and marketing or not, there are multitudes of health businesses you can start.

Some people shy away from the health care industry because they don’t want to go back to school, or don’t want to work with people, but there are broad subcategories of work related to health. Read on to find more about the five categories of professions in the health sector.

Product and Equipment Sales

Perhaps the simplest way to enter the health niche is through sales. There are companies like Melaleuca and Norwex that offer generous compensation and benefits, and the CEOs of the companies designed them in a way that you can run the business on your terms.

The advantage of selling for these companies is that they are well-established, and you have a lot of support. If you want more of a hand in creating what you’re selling and building a brand, you can start a supplement company.

Start by formulating an idea about the type of person you want to help or a specific problem you want to solve, then find a reputable supplier to design and stock supplements. Check out this in-depth guide on how to start a supplement company.

Health Coaching and Consulting

If being a sales representative is not your forte, you can be a health coach or consultant. Coaching requires listening skills, empathy, organization, and the ability to motivate. You may also choose to focus on a specific field like bodybuilding, midwifery, or weight loss. Clients will come to you with a concern or a goal they would like to achieve.

As a coach, you would interpret what they tell you and formulate a plan based on their needs and the latest research. A general concern for clients is that they want to feel better and have more energy. In this case, you may have them give you a detailed account of what they do and eat during the day, and other essential information like sleep patterns, then offer suggestions on how to make lifestyle changes so they can achieve their goals.

Alternatively, some clients may know what they need to be doing or eating but are not able to make the change. In this scenario, you may play more of a phycologist, getting to the root of why they want to change, and giving them tips and reminders about their motivations.

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Whereas, becoming a health consultant requires a formal education to be able to advise healthcare organizations on finances and best-practices.

Personal Training and Fitness 

Exercise is increasingly important because many modern lifestyles don’t require physical exertion. There are several fitness franchises you can start that usually require a few hundred thousand dollars of start-up capital. However, the start-up cost for the Jazzercise franchises is less than $3,000 because you don’t need equipment or even a physical location.

To be a personal trainer, you would need training or a degree with a background in human anatomy, health, or fitness. As a personal trainer, you can design daily or weekly workouts for people to follow and guide them, so they keep the right form and pacing.

In-Home Services and Nursing Homes

In-home health care is one of the fastest-growing sectors. Senior care is especially needed since baby boomers are reaching retirement age. You may be able to offer seniors services to help with basic daily tasks or get certified as an in-home caregiver.

Some women have space in their homes after their children have moved out and invite seniors or developmentally disabled adults to live under their roofs. If you think you want to open your home to those in need, you’ll want to get the proper certifications and licensing for your state.

Another segment of the population on the rise that needs help is those with chronic illness. While people with chronic illness often don’t need medical assistance, they may need help keeping up with chores and errands, which wouldn’t require any start-up costs.

Wellness Retreats and Med Spas

Health and beauty go hand-in-hand and are merging more and more. Women are learning that beauty is not skin-deep, but from eating healthy, exercising, and having a positive outlook on life. Wellness retreats offer a targeted and efficient way to vacation.

Not only do you relax in a resort-like setting, services like hydro-therapy, forest bathing, and mindfulness training, as well as traditional spa services, can rejuvenate your health. Peruse the offerings from The Wellhouse at Blackberry Farm or The We Hotel Wellness Center for inspiration.

Similarly, med spas are popping up all around the country, and women are flocking to them because they provide a more in-depth survey of what you need to look your best.

Med spas offer more than the average facial; they use Botox and lasers to restore your skin to a healthier state. If you open a med spa, you’ll need to hire a physician to direct and oversee that the technicians are performing the treatments safely and correctly.

As you have read, there are extensive opportunities in health care for all kinds of entrepreneurs. You can work one-on-one with clients in a practical or theoretical manner, or be entirely hands-off by opening a franchise where clients come to use your facility. Starting a business that helps improve peoples’ lives can not only be lucrative but extremely gratifying.

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