6 Traits of Confident People

By Mae Davies / October 17, 2014
6 Traits of Confident People
What is it about confident people that makes them so likable? How do you build self-confidence? Is it something you’re born with or is it something that you can learn? If you want to know how to exude confidence, simply look at people who are already projecting and embodying confidence. You will notice these traits of confident people:

They listen

Confident and successful people have mastered the art of listening, as they know it is to their benefit to have good listening skills. They know that they can learn from anyone, so they pay attention to you regardless of your position. “It is simply a requirement if you want to be successful,” says one successful entrepreneur. “Never think that you already know everything you need to know. The person you talk to next may be someone who has an important message for you, so make sure to tune in.”

They engage you

One of the traits of confident people is that they not only listen but engage you in a way that you feel valuable and appreciated. Because they are sure about themselves and have nothing to hide, they genuinely want to connect with others and find out more about the people they get to interact with. They also make the most of every opportunity that comes their way and not lose a moment and waste it by not giving it their full attention. They are aware that the most valuable resource is people, so they use this to their advantage by networking even outside the workplace.

They let others shine

Because they are secured and self-assured, they rarely see anyone as a threat and they allow others to take center stage and have their own moment to shine. Confident women don’t have a need to ‘hog the spotlight’ all the time; they know that there’s enough space for everyone, so don’t feel the need to compete in this aspect.

They empower other people

They cause others to be independent rather than depend on them, rendering them more empowered. They believe in themselves and want to pass that on to others, and they know that the best way to help is make these people independent as early and as fast as possible. Causing a reliance on outside forces means you are not forced to be creative and work with your own talents. Successful women are very helpful but draw the line where appropriate, as they know it’s not good for both parties to develop dependence between them. traits of confident people

They teach others

Successful people openly share what they have learned in the process of reaching the top. They are generous with their stories and what made them successful. According to one CEO: “ I see myself in my managers and see them really as my prodigies. I never hesitate to share with them everything I went through, even seeming ‘failures’ in the past. I know that those are the most valuable, as those are what they can learn from the most.”

They are not scared to fail

They know that big successes require big risks, and they are not afraid to fail. They have tasted both success and failure and know that there are lessons to learn from both. One of the traits of confident people is they take risks all the time and are rewarded by the insights as well as adding onto their strength and character. Nothing builds character and resilience better than pushing yourself to rise up from a not-so-successful first attempt. They are also not scared of second, third, or fourth attempts or many doors closing on them. They know that optimism and determination can open doors.

Hopefully the points above will inspire you to embody the same traits of confident people. We definitely can learn a thing or two from them.

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