7 Ways to Ground Yourself

7 Ways to Ground Yourself
A lot of people who meditate or undertake other mental  or spiritual practices find that at the end of  a session, they feel a bit ‘ungrounded’, ‘imbalanced’, even having a feeling that they are ‘floating’, ‘drifting’ or ‘flying’. This is quite common considering that meditation, visualization, and many other methods can put you in a state of heightened awareness, expand your consciousness,and result in having experiences of ‘astral travel’, ‘lucid dreaming’, or OBEs (out of body experiences). If you feel like you need some ‘grounding’ to keep you balanced and assume normal and daily functions again, try any or all of the below:

1. ‘Earthing’

To be honest, I only heard of this term this week from someone who I recently met. We were discussing ways to ground ourselves, and I told her about how I would prop my back against a tree and connect with that tree, to which she blurted out: “Oh that’s called ‘earthing’! Buddhists coined the term.”I learned about this method many years ago after reading ‘[thirstylink linkid=”13427″ linktext=”The Ringing Cedars of Russia” class=”thirstylink” title=”The Ringing Cedars of Russia”]’ by Vladimir Megre where protagonist Anastasia, whenever she felt out of balance, would sit with her back against a tree trunk and would immediately feel relief afterwards. According to her, she is accessing the energy of the tree, which is connected to Earth and has a vast and unlimited source of energy. I have tried it many times and find it calming and relaxing. Many tree huggers report feeling certain vibrations when earthing.

2. Walk barefoot on grass or groundground

Being literally on the ground or having contact with earth is enough to ground most people feeling like they are ‘floating’ or out of place. This is also one of the easiest to do.

3. Eat root vegetables

You can have an onion soup or a vegetable stew with carrots, potatoes, onions, and other root vegetables to have more than one variety, which can be yummy and very grounding. Eating and being full alone can help ground anyone, as eating will keep your focus and attention on the body but having root vegetables can help even more.

4. Eat mushroom

Although mushroom is not a root vegetable, consuming different types of edible fungi are considered to be one of the most effective and instant ways to ground yourself. While some can be eaten raw as in salads, I prefer having them in soups. Mushroom soup is one of my all time favorite things to eat. Eating this regularly can help you feel constantly grounded.

5. Touch your knees and feet

Far from outdoors or any natural surroundings? Don’t worry;this method is great for instant  relief from feeling imbalanced. Sit down on a chair and touch your knees with both hands. Then keep both hands clasped tightly on your left knee joint. Leave it there for up to 10 seconds. Then do that on the right knee joint. By this time, you will already feel some relief. If you feel like you need more grounding, move your hands to your feet. Keep the soles on the ground, but plant them firmly by applying pressure on your feet by using both hands.If you still feel ungrounded, have someone else do it for you. If you are with someone who’s already grounded, have them touch your knee joints and feet for you.

6. Smell lavender or peppermint oil

There’s something about certain smells that stimulate not only your nose but other senses as well and cause you to be more grounded. Popular scents that can help ground you include lavender and peppermint oil. Lavender essential oil is usually found in massage oils while peppermint is in most balms. If you don’t have access to them, you can also try palo santo or sage, or other garden herbs with a strong and distinct smell such as oregano or basil.

7. Visualization

One of the most effective ways to connect deeply to Mother Earth is to imagine that your feet and hands are growing roots. Imagine watching and feeling the roots grow longer and going deeper inside the earth until the roots reach the center of the earth. Hold this image in your mind and you will soon feel relief.

If you still feel ‘strange’ or anxious and do not have anyone closeby to help you, simply center yourself and try to remain silent for a few moments. As soon as you feel better, go out and take a walk. Many people find that nature is the best helper there is when it comes to grounding. Be outdoors for a while and keep your body moving by walking and even running if you can; you will notice relief after a while.

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