8 Features To Look For In The Perfect RV


Whether you are buying or renting an RV, it’s important to choose one that best suits your needs. Families may look for RV’s with a larger bathroom and freestanding dining area while solo-travelers crave a cozy window seat and office space.

The options are endless and we’re here to tell you which features are worthwhile.

Suspension System

A high-quality suspension within an RV will make the world of difference. You will find you and your family enjoying a smoother and less bumpy ride. There are a number of moving parts within your RV to help your trip remain as comfortable as possible.

The entire suspension system in an RV includes the tires, springs, air pressure, and other types of shock absorbers. The most common suspension system is usually coil springs. These are extremely versatile but often cheaply made and not recommended for off-roading. The smoothest suspension system involves the use of airbags and springs. These do come with a hefty price tag.


Any RV should come with an outstanding braking system. These are large vehicles that need to be able to stop safely at any point and time. If you are considering towing your vehicle behind your RV, you will want a supplementary braking system. These systems can be permanently so you can get on the road quickly.

These brake systems can run you over $1000 easily, but the safety it provides is priceless. These systems will ensure that your RV and a towed vehicle will stop smoothly and avoid any potential mishaps.

Size of Tanks

This is a crucial feature you should look out for when in an RV. The last thing you need is to either run out of fresh water or have no more space in your sewage tank due to the sheer sizes of the tanks. This something most prospective buyers are likely to look past.

Sewage tank systems require one to empty them frequently depending on the amount of use. Macerator Pumps in RV’s are a huge help when emptying these tanks. Rather than getting up close and personal with sewage, a pump is easily attached to the hose getting your sewage out quickly and leak-free.


RV companies are becoming cleverer than ever by including the most unique storage ideas we’ve seen to date. This is a huge help for those who are choosing to live in an RV full-time. Most people converting to RV living must sell their things because there isn’t enough space to store their things.

When looking at RV’s check for ample storage. There is usually little floor space so you probably don’t want your things lying around. To further maximize storage space within your RV, there are plenty of DIY opportunities that are easy and budget friendly.

Window Seating

The design of your RV is just as important. You will be spending a lot of time inside as you drive from destination to destination. If you are that person who loves to look out the window while driving or lay down with a blanket and read, a window seat is for you.

A window seat not only makes for the perfect place for lounging, it doubles as an additional day bed. So if you invite an extra guest for your RV trip, you are sorted.

Some Entertainment Space

In the evenings it is sometimes great to kick back and enjoy a little bit of TV time, especially if the weather outside is bad. Nowadays most good RV camps around the US and the rest of the world have wifi hot spots so streaming Netflix or using a Firestick is possible.

Make sure that your entertainment area has enough room for two people to comfortably sit and enjoy what’s on. If you have a free-standing dining area (see below), you can usually turn this area into an entertainment room after dinner.

Comfortable walk-around bed

Your RV bed should be just as comfortable as the one you have at home. The whole point of having an RV is enjoying the benefits of a mobile indoor camping area. The positioning of the bed is also important. If you are sharing with your partner, it will be more natural to enter the bed from either side.

Sleeping in an RV with a comfortable bed that is easily accessible will allow for the restful sleep that you deserve.

Freestanding dining area

This is an extremely versatile area of your RV. This is where you can sit and eat, work on your computer, or read a book. By having a freestanding dining area, you will be able to move chairs around and adjust the space to what you need it to be.

RV’s commonly come with a built-in dinette, which restricts your ability to move chair around or add more. With a freestanding dining area, you can customize the space however you’d like.

Bathroom size

This is a feature to consider when you will be traveling in an RV with more than one person. If you are a family with young children, you will want a decently sized bathroom. You will want space to stand over the bathtub and stand comfortably in the shower.

This is a place where you will want to be comfortable and feel as though you have privacy. Some RV’s come with curtains rather than solid doors so many sure this area of the RV comes with a proper door.

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