9 Ugly Truths Behind Binge Eating

How much do you really know about binge eating and other eating disorders?  If you are one of the many women who are in the midst of a food battle and would very much want to learn more about your issue and stop binge eating urges.

Emotional Reasons For Overeating

Most of the health and fitness industry is claiming that the cause of obesity and overeating is mainly related to our diet and lack of exercise. 

And what are we encouraged to do?

Solve our overeating problem with salad and pea soup

But the real cause lies in our emotional hunger.

Here’s the thing:

In our overworked, overly stressed and exhausted society, we would start to eat less when we’d feel more connected, understood and more in touch with our feelings. 

And what do we really need?

Isn’t pasta or steak or a new vegan diet.

We need good and reliable friends, with whom we could share our mistakes and fears. We need warm reassurances that we will survive the very worst that may be coming our way at work. We need people in our lives who would guide us to realising our true potential.

Don’t we?

If you are serious about shedding some excess weight, I’d recommend have a more serious think about your approach.

There is no one recipe for success, and you’d need a few changes in your lifestyle before you can see real results. I’d recommend reading or watching a few videos on the Two Week Diet site, to see what you’d have to do to achieve your goal.

Then define your exact goal, and write down a 10-step plan to reach it. If you have any questions, drop us a line.

Some Truths About Binge Eating

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Mental Conditions

Binge eating is one category of an eating disorder that is classified as a mental illness. It’s not just about overeating; it’s rooted from a much deeper level that disrupts one’s life and health in general. 

Increased Mortality Rates

Among the different ailments classified under mental illness, eating disorders have the highest mortality rate.

Keeping Quiet 

One cannot simply tell if one has eating disorders just by looking at a person. This is what makes it difficult to stop binge eating urges because most of those who go through this phase in their lives don’t usually talk about it. 

It’s a Bad Example of Equal Opportunity 

Eating disorders do not choose a victim. Regardless of your race, weight, status, age, or even gender, you can still get afflicted by eating disorders.  So if you are thinking that eating disorders are mainly for women, you’re wrong.  Even men can have eating disorders. 

Sports’ Risks

There are certain types of sports that require a kind of body leanness that practice unhealthy eating habits that lead to eating disorders. In fact, records show that about sixty percent of ballerinas practice dieting and other eating disorders in order to maintain the kind of physique they are required to have. 

What Problems Have You Been Facing?

There are several factors that trigger any kind of eating disorder. If you want to stop binge eating urges, it would be wise to start with the causes of the disorder.  The reasons vary from one patient to another.  In general, issues like financial problems, marital problems, social concerns, coping mechanisms, and all other reasons may be causing victims to lose control of their eating habits. 

Truths behind binge eating - Independent Femme

Society Is (Also) To Blame

Society can also play a huge role with your eating disorder. As technology progresses, so does the term beauty.  A higher standard set for anyone may cause so much distress, leading some to eating disorders.

Fad Diets Are Dangerous

A young female who starts any kind of fad diet even before she reaches the age of 14 is more likely to develop an eating disorder that will take over the rest of her years if not addressed immediately.

Seeking Help

There are only about 10% of the total population of those with eating disorders who actually seek and receive treatment. It is for this reason that many of those who don’t receive treatment end up not being able to fully enjoy their lives ahead of them. 

If you have already tried diets, psychological therapy and more, see if this course Eat Stop Eat can help you get to the bottom of your overeating problem. It deals with the issue with a multilevel approach, so you cover all the ground in just one course. Given the statistics on their official site, the course is highly effective and has been around for a long time, having helped thousands of women with overeating problems.

If you are suffering from any kind of eating disorder, you can still completely recover from it.  And the sooner you seek help from any professionals or even just some trusted family and friends, the bigger your chances are at fully recovering and stopping bing eating urges.

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