All About Laxatives and Losing Weight

All About Laxatives and Losing Weight
When you think about laxatives, you don’t normally think about losing weight, do you?  These days, laxatives have become one of the many choices for women when it comes to losing weight.  But before you jump into your car and rush to the nearest store to get some laxatives, you might want to read more and find out the story behind the use of natural laxatives for losing weight.

What you need to know about laxatives

Laxatives are the common cure for constipation.  Although the medication isn’t something you necessarily need as you can always opt for some natural laxatives that are also good for weight loss, laxatives can still play a big role in getting you relieved from bowel movement problems.  Laxatives work by drawing water or extra fluid into your stool, making it easier to be flushed out from your colon.  And though laxatives are generally safe, those that are bought over the counter and even those that are prescribed may still be dangerous for some people, especially when regularly used for the purpose of losing weight alone.

Laxatives for losing weight

Believe it or not, laxatives can also be used as a quick remedy for weight loss.  You see, since laxatives promote regular bowel movement, these also keep the unwanted stuff out of your colon, which helps your colon do what it is supposed to do.  When the colon is cleansed, it has a better capability of properly absorbing the good nutrients to be redistributed to the body.  Also, it helps you lose weight by eliminating the waste materials that may have started to build up in your colon.  When the colon is cleansed and free from these waste materials, your digestive tracts are sure to easily determine what the body needs to get rid of instead of storing it inside and adding up to your weight.  So if you are thinking about getting a relief from your bowel movement issues while getting rid of some unnecessary weight, here are some great tips when choosing natural laxatives.

Back to basics

losing weightBefore you start scouring the internet for the best laxatives that are made and prescribed by men, stop and think about these basic natural laxatives.  When all else fails, you may want to go and get yourself checked by a doctor for proper treatment as needed.

  • Water is one of the best natural laxatives. Not only does water help you with your bowel problems, but it also ensures that all the necessary nutrients needed by the body are well distributed.  And when that happens, the body properly functions well and gets rid of the unwanted materials that add up to your weight.
  • Foods that are high in fiber are also great natural laxatives. Other than being great laxatives, fiber-rich foods make you feel full longer, which generally aids in your weight loss goals. 
  • Never forget the power of exercise. Yes, laxatives aren’t always ingested.  When you exercise, you stimulate bowel movement and at the same time lose the extra pounds you have always wanted to get rid of. 

In summary, laxatives can address constipation and weight issues.  However, if you are looking for a safer option, go for natural laxatives, as these have been proven to be very effective.

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