Alternatives to Meal Replacement Shake Recipes

Alternatives to Meal Replacement Shake Recipes

Drinking slimming shakes is one of the popular ways to lose weight nowadays. They can come as commercially distributed non-fat diet shakes or as homemade meal replacement shake recipes that you can do in your kitchen with two or three ingredients. Making your own low-fat smoothie is an ideal way to control your daily calorie intake. But what if you don’t like shakes and smoothies at all?

Just eat the fruit

If the idea of drinking a low-fat raspberry smoothie doesn’t inspire images of fun afternoons with messy kitchen countertops, then you may opt to just nibble on the raspberries. But don’t snack on a handful. The same thing can be said for any fruit that you may be thinking of putting in the blender. You can eat the apple instead of making a diet shake out of it. You can bring a guava or an orange to work. Have the guava in the morning, and peel the orange in the afternoon. You don’t always have to make meal replacement shakes out of them if you don’t want to or if you have no time to. meal replacement shake recipes

Stay away from canned fruits

Snacking on canned fruits may be a healthy option for women losing weight, but they come with preservatives and sweet syrups, which are bad for your glucose levels. It’s best to stick with your fresh produce. In fact, the best meal replacement shake recipes include fresh fruits without sugar, additives, or any artificial flavors.

Squeeze the juice

The great thing about oranges, lemons, and melons is you can squeeze their juices and make fresh juice. This is very easy. You don’t even need a machine to do this. Squeeze that orange and make an afternoon drink rich in Vitamin C. Nix the sodas or the high-caffeine cappuccino now. You can do a lot more with fruits than make meal replacement shakes out of them.
Toss the fruits and make a fruit salad.

Meal replacement shakes are a lovely idea, especially for warm summers, but there are days when you just want to eat your fruits in chunks. So why not slice and chop them, put them in a bowl, and lace them with low-fat cream? You can munch on them, instead of chips, in the afternoon while watching TV. If you’re not in the mood for fruits, you can also toss a vegan salad. That would be a nice appetizer or a weight loss meal on its own.

Try protein bars

A protein bar contains 150-200 calories. So you’re fine if you just have one bar in the morning or afternoon. Protein is a better source of energy than sugar because it doesn’t cause dramatic fluctuations in your sugar levels. Plus, it is also great for building muscles. Eat protein bars if you are training in the gym and want to gain some muscle mass but don’t like making high-protein meal replacement shakes.

Have some low-fat yogurt

Maybe you are running out of options, especially when you don’t want to trouble yourself with making meal replacement shakes out of your yogurt and berries in the fridge. Why don’t you just help yourself to the yogurt and nibble on some of the berries later? Trouble-free, isn’t it?

Girl, move those hips!

And if there’s no convincing you to try meal replacement shake recipes or having a piece of banana, make sure you burn the extra calories that you pack with your regular meals. It’s not difficult! Jog for 30 minutes daily. Even brisk walking for the same amount of time helps.

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