Spanish Fly PRO Review

It does feel weird talking about sex, but it’s a common thing. Especially nowadays, where everything goes 200 miles an hour and work follows you everywhere. People are tired and it reflects on their sexual performance. Or you might be on the older side of things and work isn’t a worry of yours anymore, but … Read more

Versatile And Stylish: Wrap Dresses Are For Every Season

The wrap dress has found a place in just about every woman’s wardrobe for eons. Yet, it seems to almost be forgotten. Which is a shame since it is so versatile and stylish at the same time. It works in every season and just about every situation. It can be dressy casual or full-on formal. … Read more

Careers That Require Insurance: Is Your Future Covered?

Several career choices suggest that liability insurance and various other types of insurance are absolutely essential. While most young working professionals may only be focused on getting ahead in their careers, it is always best to consider the benefits of covering your future in your field of work. If you have settled on a professional … Read more

Popular Weight Loss Regimens

Weight loss efforts in the country are at an all-time high. It is estimated that the weight loss market is worth approximately $72.7 billion and is expected to grow through 2023. It seems as though people are constantly looking for the next big diet. If you are one of the ones looking for a weight … Read more

Benefits (and Issues) of Barefoot Running

There has been a recent trend toward ditching ‘normal’ running shoes and wearing those strange-looking slippers that look like gloves for your feet. You’ve probably seen people running in them, or even just wearing them around the town or in the house. These are ‘barefoot’ shoes, and work to simulate being shoeless without actually having … Read more

Can Women Boost Their Well-Being Through Financially Stability?

Although 71% of Americans report feeling financially secure, other figures paint a completely different picture. The average woman in the U.S. has approximately $38,000 in personal debt. Additionally, 44.7 million individuals have a combined total of $1.56 trillion in student loan debt. It’s no surprise, then, that so many women experience ongoing stress related to their … Read more

Everything a Student Needs to Know About Alcohol

University and college drinking is a common habit that is glorified in movies. The party culture that is pervasive at universities and colleges encourages this habit further. Therefore, many students are ready to try it out when joining these learning institutions. The campus atmosphere and the fact that most college students stay away from their … Read more

Planning A Weekend Getaway? Check Out These Underrated Places In Arizona

If you’re looking to go on a weekend getaway with your girlfriends, look no further than Arizona. With its gorgeous natural scenery and bustling cities, it’s no surprise why the state has become a favorite among tourists. In 2018, it was estimated that about 45 million individuals visited the state and this year, it is expected that … Read more

Interesting Ways to Diversify Your Assets

Most of us are doing our best to save for our future. We do what we can to buy wisely and put what we can aside. But, we all have a tendency to rely on just one form of savings. For many, this approach works out OK. But, it is still a good idea to … Read more

How To Bring Italy Home | Make The Perfect Espresso!

You’ve just gotten back from an amazing trip to Italy. The sights, sounds, smells, and tastes are fresh in your mind. You just don’t want it to end. The easiest way to keep the Dolce Vita going is to incorporate Italian culture into your home. Drinking a creamy espresso to start the day is ideal. … Read more

Amazing Australian Wine Tours You Shouldn’t Miss

The Australian government released a $50 million fund for 2017 to 2022 to encourage the growth of wine exports. The grant is also used to highlight the wine tourism in the country’s major markets. The government allocated the Export and Regional Wine Support Package under the management of Wine Australia. The organization is working with the country’s … Read more

Simplify The Chaos Of Choosing Bridal Party Outfits

Attempting to select outfits for your bridesmaids and groomsmen can be an extremely stressful task. While taking into account that you should expect at least one of your bridesmaids not to feel comfortable with the dress choice, you may end up feeling defeated as the all-important landmark day draws nearer. Luckily there are a few … Read more

Quick And Effective Ways To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Eyes are the most important and attractive feature in an individual, according to a survey from Fastlife. This comes as little surprise, seeing as the eyes are cited as the ‘window to the soul’. There’s no need to worry about making sure your eyes look their best, as with these simple tricks you can make them … Read more

Decluttering your bedroom (and mind)

The idea of decluttering might seem overwhelming and not your idea of fun. However, going through this process, whether you take a week or a year, can be great for your mental health as well as your home and family. Decluttering does not have to equate to a minimalist way of life. In fact, it … Read more

Money Management Habits For the Successful Modern Woman

The modern woman wears multiple hats – from a loving spouse, a doting mother, a selfless careful and a hardworking employee. With over 74.6 million women in the workforce, statistics show that women have come a long way in today’s modern world and finances. According to a recent study by Fidelity Investments, women save 9% … Read more

Just Before “I do!” How to Pick the Perfect Engagement Ring

Few things mean more to a woman like an engagement ring. Unfortunately, most men have no clue what to look for when buying this prized possession for the woman of their dreams. Should it be gold, platinum or silver? Do you want a diamond rock or sapphire? What is the difference between that ring that … Read more

Mattress which Can Give Sound Sleep during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a hugely important phase in the life of a woman. In this phase of your life, you have to be very careful with your health. You need to rest and sleep in a proper manner without which you might face complications during the delivery of your baby. Also, the growth of your baby … Read more

Home Furnishings For Fitness

Most of the people think that fitness is a thing of sportspersons and athletes. Businessmen or normal employees don’t need to keep a check on their fitness. In this regard, you should know that if you have the same kind of perception then it is time to shun it off because fitness is something which … Read more

What Not to Buy When Expecting a Baby

Shopping for your first baby? Here’s what not to buy. If you’re expecting your first baby, chances are you’re being bombarded with the ins and outs, rights and wrongs, and do’s and don’ts of parenting. There’s so much contradictory information out there. It’s hard to know how much of it is actually useful.  If you’ve … Read more

Changing your life: moving abroad

Perhaps you’ve recently gone through a relationship breakdown, suffered a terrible loss or you’re simply becoming more aware of your mortality, there are numerous things you can do to change your life. Moving abroad is one of them.  Consider your reasons First of all, it is vital to consider why you’re wanting to move abroad. … Read more

How to Look Good When Living Out of a Backpack

Whether you’re new to the traveling scene or you’ve been on more trips than you care to remember, it always helps to be in the know before you head out on an adventure. If you’re off on a hiking trip, for example, it’s best to take a backpack with you to store all your personal … Read more

5 ways your dog helps you stay healthy

Have you ever noticed that when you are around your dog, you feel better? Spending time with your dog can have positive impacts on your mood and health. They can be great companions and are a great source of joy to the whole family. They can boost your overall health, both physically and mentally. Research … Read more

Why Is ‘Me Time’ Much More Than A Mere Luxury?

#MeTime is a popular hashtag on Instagram and Facebook posts, but research shows that it is much more than a clever phrase to introduce a visually stunning photograph. As is the case in many parts of the world, stress is a big problem for American women, with statistics showing that every 80 seconds, one woman … Read more

5 Tips for Reducing Inflammation

Inflammation is not only a distressing symptom; it’s also the cause of many health conditions and chronic diseases. When your immune system causes swelling in various areas of the body, you not only experience pain but also reduced mobility that can hinder your ability to lead an enjoyable and active lifestyle. While inflammation is one … Read more

Should You Cut Your Own Hair?

There may be times when money is tight, and a haircut doesn’t fit in the budget. Or, maybe you just don’t have a schedule that can accommodate regular salon appointments. In the meantime, you can’t completely neglect your hair, so it makes sense to look into inexpensive and simple workarounds. Learning to cut your own … Read more

Why There’s Nothing Wrong With Dating Based on Race

Thanks to the Internet, we can now select for potential romantic partners by just about any identifiable trait out there. One such trait is, of course, race. There are many different services out there that explicitly exist to connect people of different races and ethnicities. Whether you’d like to meet single black men on interracial … Read more

Best tips for women to give up smoking

Perhaps every smoker once has the idea of giving up addiction. But let’s be honest, not everyone can do it. Most often, the transition to a healthy lifestyle prevents common fear: not cope, give up, not being able to endure all the difficulties of getting rid of addiction. We consider what obstacles await a person … Read more

How Microbiology is used in Cosmetics

Microbiology refers to studying living organisms that are too tiny to be seen with a naked eye, and they include viruses, bacteria, fungi, algae, and protozoa. You will find these microbes in every living and non-living thing in small amounts, but when they are in plenty, they become a problem. One of the areas where … Read more

Choose the correct mattress to improve your life

In the pursuit of physical, emotional and mental well-being, we all know that a good night’s sleep is an important factor. A lack of sleep can have a destructive effect upon the body. Along with establishing a good sleep routine, one of the best ways we can help ourselves to get a good night’s slumber … Read more

How to Prepare for Hair Removal Surgery

Laser hair removal is one of the best methods of getting rid of unwanted body hair long-term. The technique works by using the hair shaft to transmit laser energy down to the hair follicle and destroy it. After a few procedures that are done 3 to 6 weeks apart, your hair will no longer grow … Read more

7 Things Recruiters Want To See From Your CV

There are few job opportunities today, and many unemployed graduates. If you’re to stand a chance of even getting to the interview stage, your resume needs to stand out. Did you know that recruiters spend about 7 seconds on your resume before deciding to sign you up for an interview or tossing your application aside? … Read more

Meeting the Ideal Partner Through Online Dating

As many people will already know, finding someone special to share your life isn’t always easy. Some people go through a string of disastrous relationships before they find the right partner, and some believe they will never meet that special someone. Fortunately, it has become much easier for people to meet the ideal partner these … Read more

How to Turn Your Bedroom into a Personal Sleep Oasis

Your bedroom should be the area of your house that provides a dreamy escape from the pressures and stress from other aspects of your life. We all know how it feels to come into a bedroom to relax and shut the outside world only to be confronted with an uncomfortable bed, laundry unfolded on a … Read more

Top five personal money saving tips

With the economic climate forecasted to continue to deteriorate for most of us, it is of utmost importance to keep our spending in check. Continue reading for our top five personal money saving tips.   Meal planning   We are all guilty of going to the supermarket when we are hungry and wandering up and … Read more

Things You Should Know Before Dating a Lawyer

While dating lawyers can be sexy in so many different ways, here are four things you should keep in mind before going into a relationship with a lawyer. You may lose a few arguments. Although this isn’t to say that lawyers love to argue, they are incredibly good at it. Think about it – lawyers … Read more

5 Ways To Get Ahead In Your Career These Days

Career progression is a tricky business, the modern world of work is far from straightforward and it’s not just a matter of keep you head down, work hard and you will be rewarded with promotions and higher salaries. These days career planning and setting goals and objectives is entirely necessary. So here are a few … Read more

Cool Functions You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Perform

Whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android phone, you can’t deny they each have their pros and cons. iOS is a little more closed off, and you can’t share most files with your friends. Android, on the other hand, is an open source and extremely open, making it susceptible to a lot of malware. … Read more

Tips for College Finances

College tuition rates are at the record high across the country, and continue to be a topic of debate for politicians on both sides of the aisle. What was once a rite of passage for most ambitious high school graduates now has parents and young adults alike wringing their hands over the value of higher … Read more

Tips for Living with Your Loved One

According to a 2016 study by the National Center for Family and Marriage Research, living together, or cohabitation has become a common pathway to marriage, with 66 percent of married couples having lived together before tying the knot. If you and your loved one are in that majority, perhaps having just purchased a home together … Read more

4 Workout Tips for the Keto Lifestyle

If you’re fairly new to the Ketogenic diet and the lifestyle changes that go with it, then you might not have been exercising recently. While Keto is a great way to encourage fat burning and reduced anxiety levels, it can have some consequences with exercising that Keto dieters should be aware of. In this article, … Read more

How to have more fun in the Bedroom

When it comes to your physical relationship, you probably remember a time when you and your partner were indulging in sex a lot more than you do now. As time goes on, couples have to focus on other areas of life such as their career, their family, and other things. This means that the physical … Read more

Unique Uses of Aloe Vera

The aloe vera plant is one of the most useful plants you can find in the world. Its spiky leaves and bitter taste might make you think otherwise, but this is where it stores its gem. The plant has a variety of uses, including curing illnesses and enhancing beauty. It took the Egyptians long enough … Read more

Promotional Products to Keep You Remembered

Are you in the health care industry? Try these promotional products. While companies across many industries use promotional products to build brand awareness and drive sales, the health care industry is one of the most prominent to use these products. These products are handed out for free to remind the recipient of your company, and … Read more

Are You Making These Common Diet Mistakes?

fitness model diet plan

When it comes to losing weight, there’s plenty of information available at your fingertips – but not all of it is the best advice. And, the road to reaching your weight loss and fitness goals isn’t always a smooth one. Sometimes, you may notice that your progress has slowed down or even stopped completely – … Read more

Why Invisalign Can Be Better Than Braces

be happy

Few people are blessed with teeth that grow in perfectly straight and are 100% aligned. It’s simply a statistical anomaly to be one of these people, and we’re envious of the lucky few who don’t need some kind of teeth adjustment during their lives. For the rest of us, that means going to an orthodontist … Read more

How to Sell Your Clothes Online

casual attire

There are many of you reading that have clothes in your wardrobe that you don’t wear anymore. There’s most likely some of you that have brand-new clothes – those that have never been worn before! This might seem like a good problem to have, but when you only wear about 20% of the clothes in … Read more

When You Don’t Know What You Want

Binge Eating—The Opposite of Hunger Strike

One of the best things in this world is to know precisely what you want, at all times, and then to be able to go out and get it. Of course, this is nowhere near a perfect world, and so many people have no earthly clue what they want in the first place. To say … Read more

How to Prepare for Nursing School


Once you’ve successfully applied and have been accepted to a nursing school, either at a physical school or via Online Nursing Courses, it’s time to prepare for the studies ahead. Like any advanced degree or foray back into academics, preparing to continue your path of knowledge is exciting, frightening, and filled with curiosity. With all … Read more

3 Types of Baby Clothes Every New Mom Should Own

Whether you’re a first-time mom or not, there’s a moment during pregnancy, or just after delivery, where you tend to think you’re missing out on some of the cutest infant wardrobe essentials. The truth is that, yes, you might be. There are so many amazing baby clothes out there. This might not be very obvious … Read more

Giving Your Hair Its Best Chance

Hair Breakage Problems

When you care about your hair, there’s no substitute for the best products you can get. Of course, when some people say “the best products,” they just mean the most expensive ones. But then, rather like the old joke about having a set of products you keep in your bathroom to impress guests and another … Read more

What Is Aesthetic Medicine?

Status with Homemade Body Sugar Scrub—It’s Never Complicated

Aesthetic medicine is a term that applies to any procedure that helps make a person look better or alters their physical appearance. This includes things as invasive as reconstructive surgery and non-invasive procedures that are often more cosmetic. You can learn about some of the non-surgical procedures from Lisa Rush. Some of these non-invasive procedures … Read more

Tips for Choosing Skincare Products

The Benefits of Using a Homemade Facial Exfoliator for the Skin

On the surface, buying a skincare product seems simple enough. However, a more in-depth look may begin to cause some confusion on which particular ones to buy. The decision is made harder by the full range of options available: skin moisturizers, facial moisturizers, lotions, ointments, creams for light skin, creams for dark skin, and creams … Read more

7 Healthy Ways to Cope With the Death of Your Loved One

Stages of Divorce Grief

When your loved one dies, your world completely changes. Your significant other was someone who knew you in a very intimate manner, and now you’re struggling to understand and cope with what happened. When it comes to grieving, there’s no right or wrong way. As this is a sudden change, you’re going to experience overwhelming … Read more

Welcome Country Girl in the Village and

country girl in the village

With the motto “Loving the Simple Life, Getting Back to Basics”, Shannon Cole has brought us amazing recipes like Broccoli Bacon Salad, BBQ Chicken Nacho Salad, Lemon Thyme Ice Pops, Herbal Infusions and Lavender Water, Giambotta, Verde Sangria and Blue Cheese Burger Bites. What more could you want? Shannon’s Country Girl in the Village blog … Read more

Welcome Thread Bear Fiber Arts

Thread Bear Fiber Arts Logo

We are excited to announce the acquisition of the Thread Bear Fiber Arts website and community. As of February 25, 2022, has been merged with this page. What’s so special about this particular acquisition for the Independent Femme Women’s Magazine? From a simple guide on how to upholster a chair to instructions on how … Read more

How Starting Your Own Business Could Boost Your Confidence

how to start online business with no money

Having confidence in yourself is of the utmost importance. It is essentially how you feel about yourself and your abilities to accomplish things in life. A woman with low confidence ultimately doesn’t believe in herself or her ability to do great things which hinders her from living life to the fullest. It also results in … Read more

Please Welcome Lisa Daily and Visitors from

Lisa Daily, renown dating expert, best selling author and the love and relationships expert on Daytime, a nationally syndicated morning TV show, joins us as we have acquired her website at and merged it with Her list of published books includes: Stop Getting Dumped!, Plume Fifteen Minutes of Shame, Plume How To Date Like … Read more

How to Grow as a Woman After Your Divorce [Top 4 Tips]

stages of divorce grief

Have you just been through a divorce? Although you may feel happy and liberated to be finally free of the marriage commitments that you no longer wanted, the period after getting divorced can be particularly challenging as well. For many women, it can be an emotional roller coaster ride that they simply don’t want to … Read more

You’re Not Alone: Overcoming Sexual Performance Anxiety

Many partners who are unable to reach a climax during sex have no obvious underlying physical issues. Instead, the main root of the problem may be simply worrying about not being able to perform. Basically, they’re thinking too much during sex. Here are a few ways to help you overcome sexual performance anxiety. Understanding Sexual … Read more

Dating an Introvert – The (Quiet) Benefits

The (Quiet) Benefits of Dating an Introvert

Most people only see the bad that can happen if they ever decide to mingle with an introvert. They think that you’ve to put up with his quietness. You have to tip toe and be careful with your choice of words. You can’t shout. There should not be loud music. Whatever is included on the checklist, the bottom line is you’ve to be cautious around an introvert. So imagine the horror of dating an introvert for real! Well, that horror is only in your imagination. Dating an introvert may not be loud and all pocket full of sunshine, but it has a lot of advantages. And all of those benefits are very fulfilling.

Why Do People Cry at Weddings?

Why Women Cry at Weddings

I have always wondered why women cry at weddings. When I was a child, I would watch movies and observe that when the bride starts walking down the aisle, every woman would start tearing up and the famous Kleenex gets passed around.

Ultimatums in Relationships and How to Use Them Right

Ultimatums in Relationships and How to Use Them Right

It’s quite typical in a relationship to have some disagreements, misunderstandings, or points of conflict. Most of the time, the couples just try to understand the situation and avoid fights as much as possible. Simple things like not taking out the trash, always having friends over, or forgetting anniversaries are not argued about anymore. But there are situations and certain actions of your partner that you just can’t tolerate.Circumstances like drug abuse, adultery, and commitment phobia. So how do you deal with serious issues like these in your relationship? It’s common knowledge that ultimatums are never good for any relationship. But sometimes you’re pushed to the wall and there’s no other option left.

Unhealthy Relationships for Women [Help For 2022]

unhealthy relationships for women

Believe it or not, getting out of an unhealthy relationship and fostering healthy ones can save your life. Identifying the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships can save lives since it’ll allow them to realize that the relationship that they are in can put them in physical, psychological, and emotional danger. By knowing these differences, women would also be able to see that not all relationships have the same characteristics and that having a good and healthy relationship with someone is indeed possible.

How To Be Confident In Yourself [Top Tips in 2022]

6 Traits of Confident People

What is it about confident people that makes them so likable? How do you build self-confidence? Is it something you’re born with or is it something that you can learn? If you want to know how to exude confidence, simply look at people who are already projecting and embodying confidence. You’ll notice these traits of confident people:

The Top Work-Life Balance Principles For 2022

3 Guidelines on How to Achieve Work Life Balance

In a world where everything seems like a mess, how can you achieve a work-life balance? Gone were the days when you could just separate work from home. But due to the fast-paced life nowadays, work life seems to invade your personal life.

The Importance of Overcoming Procrastination [Top New Tips For 2022]

5 Tips for Overcoming Procrastination

Procrastination is a very wonderful thing to do while you’re doing it, but it can give you a lot of headaches the moment you need to face its consequences. Procrastination technically means putting off something – a task, a work or a duty which you must do or need to accomplish – but you just don’t feel like doing it right now.

How to Exude Confidence in Any Situation

Being the newbie – everyone’s been there at some point. It may be because you just transferred to a new community or simply started a new job. Whichever the case is, being the new girl/boy in town can be challenging. There’s the constant fear that you won’t fit in your new environment, people won’t like you, or that you won’t be able to make friends. Well, all you’ve to do is simply follow these easy suggestions on how to exude confidence and you, as the newbie, will blend in and have friends in no time!

How To Exude Confidence And Sexiness [Top Tips For 2022]

How To Exude Confidence And Sexiness

Do you ever wish you were one of those women who turn heads wherever they go? They walk into any room and people just stop for a second and stare. These women have an air of mystery, yet what is obvious is that they exude confidence and sex-appeal. Confidence in your appearance is the first step in exuding confidence and sexiness. You have to put in some time, effort, and money on your appearance in order to look your best.

The Friend Zone [Top Harry Potter Spells To Help You Escape]

7 Harry Potter Spells to Escape the Friend Zone

You’re basically living your single life and you’ve no problem with it. Until one morning, you wake up realizing you’re in love. The worst part is it’s with your best guy friend. Now that’s a problem. Here’s the thing, the world knows that only Ron Weasley escaped the friend zone with Hermione Granger. Surely that’s because J.K. Rowling made it a point to end the Harry Potter book series with the clichéd happily-ever-after scene. That’s not your life – wake up!

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