7 Healthy Ways to Cope With the Death of Your Loved One

Stages of Divorce Grief

When your loved one dies, your world completely changes. Your significant other was someone who knew you in a very intimate manner, and now you’re struggling to understand and cope with what happened. When it comes to grieving, there’s no right or wrong way. As this is a sudden change, you’re going to experience overwhelming … Read more

Welcome Country Girl in the Village and countrygirlinthevillage.com

country girl in the village

With the motto “Loving the Simple Life, Getting Back to Basics”, Shannon Cole has brought us amazing recipes like Broccoli Bacon Salad, BBQ Chicken Nacho Salad, Lemon Thyme Ice Pops, Herbal Infusions and Lavender Water, Giambotta, Verde Sangria and Blue Cheese Burger Bites. What more could you want? Shannon’s Country Girl in the Village blog … Read more

Welcome Thread Bear Fiber Arts

Thread Bear Fiber Arts Logo

We are excited to announce the acquisition of the Thread Bear Fiber Arts website and community. As of February 25, 2019, threadbearfiberarts.com has been merged with this page. What’s so special about this particular acquisition for the Independent Femme Women’s Magazine? From a simple guide on how to upholster a chair to instructions on how … Read more

How Starting Your Own Business Could Boost Your Confidence

how to start online business with no money

Having confidence in yourself is of the utmost importance. It is essentially how you feel about yourself and your abilities to accomplish things in life. A woman with low confidence ultimately doesn’t believe in herself or her ability to do great things which hinders her from living life to the fullest. It also results in … Read more

Please Welcome Lisa Daily and Visitors from LisaDaily.com

Lisa Daily, renown dating expert, best selling author and the love and relationships expert on Daytime, a nationally syndicated morning TV show, joins us as we have acquired her website at lisadaily.com and merged it with IndependentFemme.com Her list of published books includes: Stop Getting Dumped!, Plume Fifteen Minutes of Shame, Plume How To Date Like … Read more

How to Grow as a Woman After Your Divorce [Top 4 Tips]

stages of divorce grief

Have you just been through a divorce? Although you may feel happy and liberated to be finally free of the marriage commitments that you no longer wanted, the period after getting divorced can be particularly challenging as well. For many women, it can be an emotional roller coaster ride that they simply don’t want to … Read more

You’re Not Alone: Overcoming Sexual Performance Anxiety

Many partners who are unable to reach a climax during sex have no obvious underlying physical issues. Instead, the main root of the problem may be simply worrying about not being able to perform. Basically, they’re thinking too much during sex. Here are a few ways to help you overcome sexual performance anxiety. Understanding Sexual … Read more

Dating an Introvert – The (Quiet) Benefits

The (Quiet) Benefits of Dating an Introvert

Most people only see the bad that can happen if they ever decide to mingle with an introvert. They think that you’ve to put up with his quietness. You have to tip toe and be careful with your choice of words. You can’t shout. There should not be loud music. Whatever is included on the checklist, the bottom line is you’ve to be cautious around an introvert. So imagine the horror of dating an introvert for real! Well, that horror is only in your imagination. Dating an introvert may not be loud and all pocket full of sunshine, but it has a lot of advantages. And all of those benefits are very fulfilling.

Sleep and Success: The Unknown Tool of Highly Effective Women [2019 Data]

sleep important for successful women

When you think of powerful women that are leading their industry and kicking butt, what do you think of? If you’re anything like us, images of jet setting, traveling the globe, working 16-hour days and building successful companies floods your mental vision. However, one of the most overlooked tools that powerful women utilize to their … Read more

Why Do People Cry at Weddings?

Why Women Cry at Weddings

I have always wondered why women cry at weddings. When I was a child, I would watch movies and observe that when the bride starts walking down the aisle, every woman would start tearing up and the famous Kleenex gets passed around.

Ultimatums in Relationships and How to Use Them Right

Ultimatums in Relationships and How to Use Them Right

It’s quite typical in a relationship to have some disagreements, misunderstandings, or points of conflict. Most of the time, the couples just try to understand the situation and avoid fights as much as possible. Simple things like not taking out the trash, always having friends over, or forgetting anniversaries are not argued about anymore. But there are situations and certain actions of your partner that you just can’t tolerate.Circumstances like drug abuse, adultery, and commitment phobia. So how do you deal with serious issues like these in your relationship? It’s common knowledge that ultimatums are never good for any relationship. But sometimes you’re pushed to the wall and there’s no other option left.

Unhealthy Relationships for Women [Help For 2019]

unhealthy relationships for women

Believe it or not, getting out of an unhealthy relationship and fostering healthy ones can save your life. Identifying the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships can save lives since it’ll allow them to realize that the relationship that they are in can put them in physical, psychological, and emotional danger. By knowing these differences, women would also be able to see that not all relationships have the same characteristics and that having a good and healthy relationship with someone is indeed possible.

How To Be Confident In Yourself [Top Tips in 2019]

6 Traits of Confident People

What is it about confident people that makes them so likable? How do you build self-confidence? Is it something you’re born with or is it something that you can learn? If you want to know how to exude confidence, simply look at people who are already projecting and embodying confidence. You’ll notice these traits of confident people:

The Top Work-Life Balance Principles For 2019

3 Guidelines on How to Achieve Work Life Balance

In a world where everything seems like a mess, how can you achieve a work-life balance? Gone were the days when you could just separate work from home. But due to the fast-paced life nowadays, work life seems to invade your personal life.

The Importance of Overcoming Procrastination [Top New Tips For 2019]

5 Tips for Overcoming Procrastination

Procrastination is a very wonderful thing to do while you’re doing it, but it can give you a lot of headaches the moment you need to face its consequences. Procrastination technically means putting off something – a task, a work or a duty which you must do or need to accomplish – but you just don’t feel like doing it right now.

How to Exude Confidence in Any Situation

Being the newbie – everyone’s been there at some point. It may be because you just transferred to a new community or simply started a new job. Whichever the case is, being the new girl/boy in town can be challenging. There’s the constant fear that you won’t fit in your new environment, people won’t like you, or that you won’t be able to make friends. Well, all you’ve to do is simply follow these easy suggestions on how to exude confidence and you, as the newbie, will blend in and have friends in no time!

How To Exude Confidence And Sexiness [Top Tips For 2019]

How To Exude Confidence And Sexiness

Do you ever wish you were one of those women who turn heads wherever they go? They walk into any room and people just stop for a second and stare. These women have an air of mystery, yet what is obvious is that they exude confidence and sex-appeal. Confidence in your appearance is the first step in exuding confidence and sexiness. You have to put in some time, effort, and money on your appearance in order to look your best.

The Friend Zone [Top Harry Potter Spells To Help You Escape]

7 Harry Potter Spells to Escape the Friend Zone

You’re basically living your single life and you’ve no problem with it. Until one morning, you wake up realizing you’re in love. The worst part is it’s with your best guy friend. Now that’s a problem. Here’s the thing, the world knows that only Ron Weasley escaped the friend zone with Hermione Granger. Surely that’s because J.K. Rowling made it a point to end the Harry Potter book series with the clichéd happily-ever-after scene. That’s not your life – wake up!

Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend To See If He Knows You (Top Tips)


You might agree with me when I say: working out what your boyfriend knows about you is quite tough. But should it be? Let’s look at practical steps you can take to learn what your boyfriend knows and thinks about you with the help of a psychological trick I call SRI questions, or ‘Serious Relationship … Read more

Stages of Grief After a Breakup: Understanding, Coping and Healing [Top Tips]

Principles to Live by While Going Through the Stages of Grief After a Breakup

As human beings, we feel pain whenever someone hurts us, and we grieve when we lose something, so going through the different stages of grief after a breakup is expected for someone who has just lost a relationship.

Grieving and mourning for a lost love is a normal reaction for someone who has a broken heart. To cry, to feel pain, and to experience the stages of grief is normal for someone whose heart has been broken to pieces and is still “under construction.” What isn’t normal and what is surprising is when you wake up in the morning as if nothing happened (unless of course you really did not love the person and you were just in a relationship for convenience).

Stages of Divorce Grief [2019 Comprehensive Guide]

Stages of Divorce Grief - 1

After the initial feelings of denial or being in disbelief or anger that you’ll feel while going through the different stages of grief in divorce, next comes the bargaining stage. It’s normal that at first, it would be very hard to accept the reality of a divorce and that you would wish to bring back time and do everything or anything that you can just to keep the divorce from happening.

How To Forgive Yourself For Cheating

How to Forgive yourself after an affair

Okay, you got it. You’re wrong. You managed to be honest and admit your infidelity. It wasn’t easy, but you thank all the people who’ve supported you despite what you’ve done. Your boyfriend was hurt, but who wouldn’t be after finding out that their girlfriend has cheated? But he tells you he loves you and he understands your reason, which is mainly about him being overly busy and neglecting you. Now, how do you forgive yourself for cheating.

Crisis Point – When Does A Woman Go Through A Midlife Crisis?

Crisis Point - Women's Midlife Madness

Midlife crisis. When you hear these words, what do you think of? Probably a man marrying a woman half his age, a man buying a new toupee to cover up graying, thinning hair, or a man pulling into his home’s driveway in a brand new, apple red sports car or on a big, black Harley. What do all of these images have in common? They all involve men. But women go through midlife crises too, with their own set of complexities and problems.

Healthy & Natural Stress Relievers [2019 Definitive Guide]

Successful People Use These Relaxation Techniques for Stress

What do Adam Levine, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Matthew McConaughey have in common besides good looks and superb bodies? It’s yoga. Adam treats it like a religion. Gwyneth is so determined that she wakes up in the wee hours in the morning to do yoga. Matthew always makes time to do yoga, even at the beach.

The Essence Of Being A Woman

The Essence of Being a Woman - main

What is the essence of being a woman? I have always heard this question being asked in beauty pageants and competitions and I have also heard a lot of different answers to the said question. Some would say that the essence of being a woman is in being beautiful. Others believe that it’s in her being a mother, while others would also say that it’s in the grace and poise that only a woman can possess.

What is the essence of being a woman? If I would have to answer the question, I would say that it’s not only the capacity of a woman to bear a child, nor only beauty, nor only grace and poise that makes a woman, a woman. Not all women are gifted with the ability to have a child and not all women have chosen to have a child even if they can have one. Yet, that doesn’t make them less of a woman.

How to Deal With Female Midlife Crisis

How to Deal With Female Midlife Crisis

When you reach the age of 40, or maybe hit your 50th birthday, and then suddenly you realize you don’t have anything that you’ve desired; you must be suffering from a female midlife crisis.

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