Berry Fruity Smoothie for a Very Sexy Tummy

Berry Fruity Smoothie for a Very Sexy Tummy
Have you ever considered those tiny but mighty fruits that are great for your smoothies?  If you haven’t yet, well now’s a good chance to achieve your goal of having a sexy tummy using those tiny berries.  And if you are not fully aware of the power that these tiny berries have, well, they can do a whole lot for your health, especially for your quest of getting the very sexy tummy you have always wanted. 

sexy tummyThe Power of Berry

If you’re looking for potent sources of antioxidants, then search no more.  Berries are packed with antioxidants that not only protect your cells from any kind of damage but can also potentially help you lose some weight.  Yes, that includes your belly problems.  Based on research, people who take in more antioxidants have higher chances of weighing less.  Another nutrient found in berries is fiber.  If you’re creating your belly fat burning smoothie, it is always important to have fiber included.  And you can find all these from those mighty berries.On top of these, berries are also great at regulating blood sugar and boosting metabolism.  With all these elements present in almost all kinds of berries, these are sure to help you slim down and lose that belly fat that has haunted you for a long time.  Berries indeed are great choices for your smoothies!

Berry Smoothies

If you’re ready to whip up some delicious belly fat burning smoothies, here are some awesome recipes.

Berry – Banana Smoothie


¾ cup frozen blueberries

¾ cup frozen blackberries

1 Banana

¾ cuplow fat yogurt (preferably vanilla)

¼ cup skim milk

½ teaspoon vanilla

Combine the berries and chopped banana in the blender.  Add all the liquid ingredients and blend them all together until you achieve the consistency you prefer. 

Basic Strawberry Smoothie


1 cup fresh strawberries

¾ cup yogurt

1 cup almond milk

½ cup skim milk

2 teaspoons flax seed oil

Put all the ingredients in the blender except for the flax seed oil.  Blend them together until smooth and perfect.  When ready, add the flax seed oil.

Berry Citrus Smoothie


1 ½ cup mixed berries (frozen or fresh)

1 small banana (frozen and cut up)

¾ cup vanilla yogurt

½ cup orange juice

2 tablespoons nonfat dry milk

To make your smoothie, simply blend all the ingredients together until smooth. You can also add honey or syrup to sweeten it.

Berries can offer a long list of goodness to you and your health.  What’s also good about berries is that you can have them all year round either as fresh berries or frozen ones.  Either way, these little balls of nutritional powerhouses will still serve you like they should. So never think less of our little friends, as these can really make up some delectable smoothies for a very sexy tummy you will always be thankful for.

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