How To Pull Off The Biker Chick Look

biker chick look

Completing the biker chick look is no mean feat. In fact, it’s a difficult challenge, but one any dedicated and awesome female motorcyclist will undoubtedly wish to achieve.

The look is achieved with an element of confidence, leather and passion. Of course, there’s the one minor element to achieving this look, which is, of course, a fantastic motorcycle.

That decision, however, is up to you.

So, without further ado, here is our guide on how to pull off the biker chick look – a concoction of personality and clothing that will truly help you along your way.

The Biker Chick Look

1. Leather up!

biker chick look leather

There is, of course, one firm way to cement yourself as a biker chick. It’s the leather.

Leather is synonymous with many things, though one of which is much more innocent than the rest. Motorcyclists and leather go together like bread and butter, with the leather acting as a protective layer between motorcyclist and the ground. And that’s not all the leather does of course. In fact, leather is an excellent fashion choice for any biker, especially those looking to pull off the biker chick look.

We’d recommend looking into purchasing a quality leather jacket or vest, looking specifically at a womens motorcycle jacket for the perfect fit and perfect style. It won’t be pink and sparkly, it will just be exactly what you need to pull of the biker chick look.

2. Get your denim on

biker chick look denim

Another way in which you can pull off the biker chick look is by purchasing a pair of denim jeans to wear when out on the bike. This includes specifically getting a pair designed for riding the bike out on the roads which are both breathable, light and protective.

Like leather, jeans are a staple of the biker chick look and so should be treated as such. They will also add an element of style to the look, especially if your jeans have a designer label, as some do.

It’s best to search around for the best deals on jeans to complete your look, so don’t panic buy and regret it later! And always remember to incorporate that extra element of safety when looking to purchase a pair of jeans – it’s vital that you prioritise staying in one piece over the biker chick look. Period.

Looks can’t last forever, after all, can they?

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3. Find a bandana to add a pop of colour to the look

biker chick look bandana

Sometimes the biker chick look does need a pop of colour. Be it red, yellow or bright blue, it’s worth looking at a bandana to really add that something special to this look.

We’d recommend placing your bandana on your head, or tying it around your neck or wrist. That way, you’ll have it on show when you’re wearing your helmet, and can look pretty cool when doing it.

If tying the bandana on your head, it’s best to fold it into a lengthy strip and tie around your head. That gives the bandana quite a ragged look, and adds to the biker chick look in simply the best way you can imagine.

4. Achieve the best hair look possible

biker chick look hairstyle

In all honesty, biker hair is indiscriminate towards any gender. It is truly a pain for every single biker to have to deal with helmet hair and windswept hair, to the point where it becomes appealing to totally shave your head.

Perhaps the best way to pull off the biker chick look in terms of hairstyle is to come up with some creative up-dos. Hair can’t be too high up on the head, or it will disrupt the comfort and placement of the helmet. If you want to achieve a bun look, it’s best to create a low bun.

For those who aren’t comfortable with a lump of hair, it’s advisable to braid and be creative. From French braids to Dutch braids to a fishtail plait, there is a lot that can be done with hair to make you appear like an experienced, and thoroughly involved, biker chick.

Just go for it!

5. Consider getting inked

biker chick look tattoo

Although it is of course not a requirement, or necessarily a staple of motorcyclists, to be tattooed, it is a pretty good way of topping off the biker chick look.

Tattoos are truly a form of body art and self-expression, which look great on anyone (providing the ink is of course done safely – and soberly). They add the cherry on top of the biker chick look because they do add a certain edge to a person.

It’s certainly worth considering talking to a tattoo artist about getting inked if you’ve thought about it before and want to really appear like the coolest biker chick in the neighbourhood.

Good luck with pulling off the biker chick look, we are certain you will do a great job. Stay confident and you can’t go far wrong.

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