Binge Eating Disorder: Causes and Cures

Binge Eating Disorder: Causes and Cures
If you think eating is and should never be a problem, think again.  A lot of people these days suffer so much from eating disorders that their lives are totally changed and ruined because of it.  Binge eating is just one of the few characteristics of having eating disorders.  And in case you really aren’t aware of what binge eating is, it is the out-of-control eating behavior of the body.  Food becomes a regular go-to when faced with feelings and thoughts that one cannot tolerate.   So how do you stop binge eating urges?  Read on to find out what you need to do if you suffer from binge eating.


You will never be able to stop binge eating urges unless you understand what is causing you to overeat.  You see, eating disorders are not all about food itself.  So if food is really not the issue, what is? 

  • Well, addiction to eating can come from a very simple external cue that keeps your senses alive and alert when you see, smell, or even just hear about food. If you are eating not because you are hungry but because your senses are stimulated by food, then this is called the superficial level cause of your eating disorder. 
  • It can also be derived from a much deeper level, which includes being overpowered by your feelings and emotions. Your urge to run to food and just eat may be because of failure, problems, a breakup, or anything that you perceive as unbearable or negative.  Food becomes the only thing that relieves you from any pain you are feeling, and so you binge.

 By recognizing what is causing you to overeat, your quest to stop binge eating urges becomes a little clearer.

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So for those who suffer from eating disorders, is it possible to stop it?  Yes.  Absolutely yes.  Stopping binge eating urges is not an easy task but is certainly something that is doable and can be achieved if you have set your heart and mind to it. 

  • Understand and recognize the causes of your binging.  If you don’t acknowledge that you have a problem, then you will never be able to stop.  Food should only bring you nutrients to support your physical state – not your emotional being.  If you rely on food for more than what it is supposed to do, then you have a problem.  However, if you cannot even recognize that as a problem, then you’re up for an unending roller coaster ride.
  • Shift focus. Now that you are aware that you have a problem, focus on getting your attention shifted to other things if you want to stop binge eating disorders.  This really is the hardest part, as this requires ignoring your brain’s plea for something to indulge in even when you are not hungry.  Are you ready to stop binge eating urges by taking a warm shower or just walking out the door?
  • Eat more. You’re probably wondering how eating more can help stop binge eating urges.  Well, a lot of women suffer from eating disorders because of a series of diet fads they go through in their lifetime.  Eat more of the healthy stuff that nourishes the body.  When the body does not feel deprived, it becomes easier for it to stop binge eating urges.

If you are suffering from any kind of eating disorder, seek help and act today before time runs out.  You can overcome this issue when you put your heart and mind to it.

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