Burn, Belly Fat, Burn! [Fat Burning in 2022]

Don’t you wish you could just say one magic word and your belly fat would disappear just like that?  Oh I have wished for that so many times. Unfortunately, wishing is one thing; doing something about it’s another thing.  And so in my desire to burn that belly fat away, I have scoured the internet and looked for effective and easy ways to lose weight.

Lo and behold, I came across the magic of smoothies.  Smoothies can be a great staple in anyone’s diet.  So whether you’re looking for extra nutrients or something to help you boost your metabolism and lose weight, smoothies are great options.  In my case, smoothies became my go-to meal for me to burn that hideous belly fat.

Use Smoothies For Fat-Burning Weight Loss

How to Make The Best Fat Burning Green SmoothieSo how do smoothies work in helping you lose weight and blasting that fat down the drain?  Well, smoothies can do a great deal of awesomeness to your belly fat problems, not to mention all other health problems you may also have.  If you’re not sold yet on the idea of using belly fat burning smoothies to solve your midsection worries, then here are some recipes you can try for yourself.

Cucumber Honeydew Smoothie

Looking for a smoothie that is loaded with the right nutrients to fight that extra flab around your waist?  Here’s one refreshing smoothie that you must try!

Ingredients: 1 ½ cup unpeeled and chopped cucumber, 1 ½ cup chopped honeydew melon, 1 cup Greek yogurt, 1/2 cup fresh lemon juice, crushed ice, and 1 tablespoon chopped fresh mint.

Combine all the ingredients and blend them together until smooth.  To make your smoothie more appealing, you can pour the mixture into a glass and garnish it with mint leaves.

belly fatBanana and Oats Smoothie

For a smoothie that is packed with the right amount of proteins and slow digesting carbohydrates that make you feel fuller longer, go for this amazing duo.

Ingredients: 1 banana, ¼ cup oats, 1 cup Greek yogurt, ½ cup skim milk, crushed ice, and 1 tablespoon honey.

Put all your ingredients in the blender and blend them well until you get your desired consistency.  The crushed ice is optional, so you can decide if you want your smoothie with or without ice.

Raspberry Avocado Smoothie

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A combination of fiber, antioxidants, and healthy fats is another great way to create a belly fat burning smoothie.  And with raspberry and avocado – this is a sure winner.

Ingredients: 1 cup raspberries, 1 avocado, 6 ounces of chilled raspberry juice, 2 teaspoons of chia seeds.

Put all the ingredients into the blender.  You may add crushed ice to the mixture if you wish.  Blend until you get a smooth texture.

Get ready to shout, “Burn, belly fat, burn!”  The recipes above are sure to help you create smoothies that are overflowing with vitamins, minerals, and all the other nutrients that will definitely fight that unwanted and ugly abdominal fat you have.  Start whipping them up and you’ll be on your way to singing all the belly blues away!

Belly Fat Burning Smoothies: Shedding Pounds through Fruit Explosion

Belly Fat Burning Smoothies Shedding Pounds through Fruit ExplosionT he number one reason why you want to lose weight using belly fat burning smoothies is this: it’s sweet. Smoothies are known to be refreshing, they taste good, and they will make you feel like you’re indulging in pleasure instead of brooding over your weight.

But, before you celebrate, you’ve to know that there’s a right way to prepare belly fat burning smoothies. Just because your drink is made of fruits, ice, and milk, doesn’t mean that it’ll help you shed pounds.

Here are simple tips in using your ingredients:

  1. Choose fruits that don’t contain too much sugar. Glucose doesn’t help you in your goal to be sexy; it only makes matters worse. So, if the fruit is “too sweet,” refrain from adding it to your smoothie.
  1. Include fruits that are high in fiber. Fiber helps you stay full. Satiety is very important so that you can refuse the temptation to eat the foods as they come your way. On top of that, fiber in your belly fat burning smoothie helps cleanse the body. You’ll notice after just a few days that you’re passing stool much easier.

While it’s true that most fruits are high in fiber, it’s still important to know that some fruits stand out among others.

  1. As much as possible, reduce fat and increase protein. Since you want to actually lose the pounds, avoid using whole milk;it contains too much fat for your cause. Use skim milk instead.

belly fat burning smoothieTo add protein (since you also need energy, and you don’t want to get that from carbs), use bases like soy milk and almond milk. Or maybe even Greek yogurt!

Now that you know the do’s and don’ts, let’s start with the fruits list! Here are some of the best fruits to include in your belly fat burning smoothies:

  1. Apples – apples are tasty, and they have the right amount of sugar. They are also rich in fiber, and they are very easy to find and cheap. With apples, you’ll have no excuse to avoid smoothies!
  1. Pears – Aside from the fiber, pears are also high in potassium. Potassium is important in heart health. People with high cholesterol always add pears in their diet because they have the capacity to lower it down.
  1. Bananas – Another easy-to-find fruit is bananas. Like pears, bananas are also rich in potassium, so it’s good for heart health. The high fiber content also makes it a very suitable fruit for belly fat burning smoothie recipes. But one good and unique characteristic of bananas is that it’s rich in Vitamin B6– a vitamin that helps you’ve a strong immune system, keeping you away from diseases.
  1. Blueberries – blueberries are like wonder fruits. They are good for people who are having problems with blood sugar level; they can help improve high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and obesity. Most importantly, blueberries have the ability to fight fat cells! And that’s a proven study!
  1. Strawberries – Do you want to increase your metabolism? Of course you do! Strawberries are perfect for the belly fat burning recipes because its component can activate the hormones responsible for a fast metabolism. They are also perfect to “repair” damaged cells and tissues within the body.
  1. Kiwi – Kiwi is rich in Vitamin C — a very potent antioxidant that helps fight off aging, enhance immunity, and helps in wound healing. But when added in your smoothies, kiwi can also help you manage your digestive problems!
  1. Grapefruits – Including grapefruit in your smoothie will also increase your metabolic rate, and grapefruit has fewer calories than other fruits.

With all these benefits of belly fat burning smoothies, you must remember that it also lacks other essential nutrients like protein. So don’t completely rely on smoothies. And of course, do your part on becoming fit by engaging in a healthy workout regimen.

The best thing about making smoothies is that it gives you the freedom. You get to play with the ingredients and you’ll choose what you eat. It’s fun, never boring, and relaxing!

belly fat burning smoothie

Veggies For Belly Fat Burning Smoothies

Your mother always told you, “Eat your veggies; they are good for you!” Did you listen? Nope. Now though, health experts tell you, “Eat your veggies; they help you lose weight!” Do you listen? Of course, you do! The story of your life: you eat healthy because you want to shed the extra pounds. The only problem? They become super boring over time. So, you start looking for ways to spice up the veggie regimen. You’ll happen upon belly fat burning smoothies using veggies. Perfect.

Not only are they healthy, but they are also tasty! They give you the freedom to choose the veggies that you like (provided they are rich in fibers), you can also add fruits (as long as they are not too sweet), and you get to calibrate the creaminess (as long as you use milk or yogurt that is high in protein). So in a nutshell, belly fat burning smoothies are awesome– even when you use veggies.

Now, what vegetables shall you use when you make your smoothies?

Dandelion Greens

For those who want a kick in their smoothies, why not use dandelion greens? They may not be easy to find, but when you do, your smoothies will have a very strong taste. These veggies go so well with strawberries and oranges.

belly fat burning smoothieBroccoli

Broccoli may not be the favorite of a lot of girls, but if you’re suffering from any allergies, you might want to turn to these veggies. They are best in reducing inflammation, they are good for the bones, and they can even prevent disease! Broccoli tastes very good with blueberries.


Okay, I know. Parsley seems to be too small of a veggie to actually be made into a smoothie, considering they are only added on the top of main courses.  But parsley has a very distinct taste that makes a smoothie really exciting. Parsley is packed with antioxidants. If you want to, try it with pineapple.


Depending on the lettuce you choose, you’ll get either a strong or a mild flavor. Lambs lettuce has a milder taste, so if you’re not leaning on the “kick” side, choose it.  If you want your smoothie to be highly nutritious, but also heavy in flavor, go for Romaine lettuce. Only a little warning though: if you choose the Romaine lettuce, you’re in for a slightly bitter adventure.


Spinach is good for your muscles! Like Popeye! But more than that, spinach is also good for your cognitive processes. Thus, if you think that you need to improve your memory, use spinach in your smoothie. By the way, spinach goes so well with strawberries.


Kale is the veggie that is only slightly more practical than spinach. Why? It’s because kale contains a lot of fiber. And you know what that means, right? It’ll help you stay satisfied so you don’t have to always munch on empty calories. It will also help you expel waste. So for those who are a little constipated, start on your spinach journey!

Green tea

Okay, I know green tea isn’t exactly a veggie, but hey! It’s still green, so let’s include it! Green tea is very healthy and it can even fight disease!

So, don’t wait until it’s your day off! Start making your own belly fat burning smoothies using just these veggies, few fruits, crushed ice, and high-protein base such as yogurt and almond milk.

Delicious Metabolic Cooking: The Virgin Fat That Burns Fat

Delicious Metabolic Cooking The Virgin Fat That Burns FatThermogenic meals (in this article, we will call them delicious metabolic cooking) are perhaps the hope for humanity. I mean the portion of humanity that would like to burn fat without spending what seems to be endless hours in the gym.

Delicious metabolic cooking is based on the premise that foods can actually burn fat. So the concept is this– you’ve to eat your way to fat loss.

Although there are a lot of foods that can be considered thermogenic, this article will only focus on one food, or rather, one condiment. Why? It’s simple; the manner of cooking affects food quality, so even if you use thermogenic foods in your metabolic cooking, if you use the wrong cooking oil, the effort is wasted.

So, yes, in this post, we will discuss the use of coconut oil in metabolic cooking, the oil that is most suitable in your fat loss.

delicious metabolic cookingWhy experts don’t like you to consume too much coconut oil

Here’s the deal — coconut oil is really fatty. Scratch that; refined coconut oil is fatty. When we say refined, it means that the product has undergone extreme heat and some of the important properties have been removed. Experts have every right to advise you to stay away from refined coconut oil.

However, for our metabolic cooking, we won’t be using the refined type. We will be using the virgin coconut oil. This type of oil is cold-pressed so the properties that we love are still there.

Medium chain fatty acids– the real deal

Most fat in foods, when consumed, is just stored because the body has no use for it. It lingers in the blood, and it builds up to be your ugly bulges. The fat in the virgin coconut oil isn’t like that. It’s medium-chained– it functions like carbohydrates. When we consume it, the body will easily turn it into energy, which we can immediately use.

Point one on virgin coconut oil– use it for your delicious metabolic cooking and it won’t add to your weight.

More than not giving you fat –it is healthy

Another good score for metabolic cooking using virgin coconut oil is the fact that it contains a lot of healthy fatty acids.

Those fatty acids (Lauric in particular) help prevent infection because it’s known as a very effective antibacterial.

They are also known to solve your issues with high cholesterol. For people who are suffering from type 2 diabetes, virgin coconut oil is also helpful. Virgin coconut oil helps the body absorb sugar more effectively, thus preventing them from occupying the blood as useless sugars.

How can you use virgin coconut oil in metabolic cooking?

The first and most obvious way to use virgin coconut oil is by substituting your animal cooking oil with it. For desserts, you can use it as a substitute for butter and shortening ingredients.

Some people, however, opt to drink, yes drink, the virgin coconut oil. And don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe. Before the discovery that coconut oil can be used for cooking, health (and beauty) conscious people were already taking 1 tablespoon of the coconut oil daily to solve their health issues. It’s also known to give you beautiful skin.

So, it’s the miracle oil?

Nope, far from it. For your delicious metabolic cooking to be effective, you’ve to match it with other thermogenic foods. There should also be healthy and regular exercise. So, don’t rest your case just because you’ve purchased bottles after bottles of coconut oil.

Burn Fat in 10 Easy Ways

Burn Calories in 10 Easy WaysWhen we talk about how to burn calories, a lot of us automatically think of going to the gym, running, or doing anything that requires extra effort and time.

And that’s one of the many reasons why we tend to skip the exercise part, as just thinking about it makes it already hard.  Well the good news is that you can burn calories just by doing something that you actually do everyday.  Keep reading if you want to know how.

1. Take the stairs

While elevators are nice and convenient, ditching them from time to time can help you burn calories.

2. Go out and shop

Did you ever associate shopping with burning calories?  (No, this doesn’t include online shopping!)  Your enthusiasm walking around shops is actually good for your health and your weight.

3. Rearrange your furniture

The amount of energy you spend pushing and pulling your stuff and just moving things around will help say goodbye to those calories, and you might just discover a new and improved look for your living room!

4. Play with the children

Not only is it fun to take the time to play around with the cuties, but it’s also good for you.  So, go ahead and run after them if you can! They’ll love you for it and you’ll feel great afterward.

5. Laugh

Yes, you read it right.  You actually burn calories jut by laughing.  Not only does it exercise your facial muscles, but it also keeps the calories away.

6. Spruce up your garden

All the crawling and kneeling that this activity involves helps you burn calories and fat at a surprising rate and you’ll have the added benefit of vegetables and produce that you’re personally invested in.

7. Cook your own mealsburn calories

The standing, chopping, and walking around the kitchen while you’re whipping up a healthy meal will definitely make you lose some weight. Not to mention that you’ll know exactly which healthy ingredients you’re adding.

8. Take phone calls standing up and walking around

When you’re on a call with someone, it’s usually convenient to sit and be comfortable.  You can still have fun while burning some calories just by standing up and walking around while on the phone.

9. Get enough rest

Studies show that people who sleep through the night and get that much needed rest have lower hunger hormones, making them eat less.

10. Chew your food

Yes, your body burns those calories away just by chewing on your food.  If you like fruits and veggies, go for the whole products rather than gulping them down in the form of a juice.

The amount of calories you burn depends on the activity you do and the amount of time spent doing it.  So get off that couch and try any of these!  Have fun!

How to Jumpstart Weight Loss: Burn Your Calories

jumpstart weight lossWeight loss is all about the interplay between how many calories you take in and how many calories you burn. As long as you burn more calories than you take in, you’ll lose weight.

This is the formula that everyone should remember when it comes to the question of how to jumpstart weight loss.

1. Go for a morning walk or run

Walking or running in the early morning isn’t only a great way to start your day, but it’s also a great way to jumpstart your target of burning calories. Walking at a speed of at least two miles per hour will burn at 204 calories or more; while running at five miles per hour will burn at least 606 calories.

2. Hit the gym

If you’ve more free time, the best way to jumpstart your program is to hit the gym and work out. Doing a lot of exercise is still the best way to burn calories, and also the best way to stay fit and healthy. Furthermore, it’ll also give you core strength, flexible muscles and a more beautiful body. For variety and more fun, you can try different forms of exercises, such as aerobic exercise, Swiss ball exercises, rotator cuff exercises and physio ball exercises.

3. Engage in fun physical activities

Another way to jumpstart your weight loss by burning calories is to engage in fun physical activities. You won’t only lose weight, but you’ll also enjoy doing them. You can exercise for one hour by swimming (423 calories), skating (548 calories), hiking (438 calories) or cycling (292 calories), or you can play your favorite sports, such as volleyball (292 calories), basketball (584 calories), bowling (219 calories) or football (548 calories).

4. Dance to your heart’s content

If you’re a dancer, a wannabe dancer, or simply someone who loves to shake her hips while cooking and doing other chores, just continue dancing to your heart’s content. Dancing is a fun and enjoyable way to jumpstart weight loss by burning calories, since it lets you burn at least 273 calories an hour. Some forms of dance which will really help you burn a lot of calories are belly dancing and ball room dancing; while others such as Zumba and aerobic dance incorporate both dance and exercise into their routines.

5. Just keep moving

Simply as moving more during the day can also be a way to jumpstart weight loss by burning calories. The list includes:weight loss

  • Swinging your legs.
  • Tapping your feet.
  • Pacing up and down the hallway.
  • Fidgeting in your seat.
  • Drumming your fingers.
  • Standing up.
  • Moving your head from side to side.
  • Stretching and changing your position.
  • Taking the stairs.
  • Walking around the corner.
  • Clenching and releasing your muscles.

Burning calories is a proven and effective method to jumpstart weight loss. In order to lose weight, it’s necessary to ensure that you’re always burning more calories than you take in – and you must also make sure that you stick to your 1200, 1500 or 1800 calorie meal plan so that you’ll have a manageable calorie intake and it’ll be easier for you to lose weight.

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