Carry-On Travel Essentials

Carry-On Travel Essentials

When you’re going on a long haul flight, having certain items on your travel essentials checklist will help you get through it. As air travel can become inconvenient, taking items that can help you feel more comfortable is a must.

Inflatable Travel Pillow

When your seat becomes uncomfortable during long flights, travel pillows can provide neck support and lumbar support. Adding this to your travel essentials checklist can help you rest and sleep comfortably.

Eye Mask

Just like the travel pillows, eye masks can help you get that sleep you need after a long day of walking and standing in line to get ready for your flight

Money Bag/Belt

It can sometimes be annoying to have to look through your entire bag just to find your card or your wallet or even your passport. Use a money bag or a purse so you can get these very important documents stored safely. All travel essentials checklists should contain this.


When temperatures become inconsistent on the plane, large scarves can function in so many ways.


If there is one thing that you don’t like feeling while on the plane, it is having cold feet, literally. Cold feet can make your entire trip such a bummer, so packing an extra pair of socks can help you be more comfortable while you are seated. This can also be helpful for people who like to take off their shoes while seated.

Glasses and Eye drops

Long haul flights can dry out your eyes, which is why these two have to be part of the travel essentials checklist for women who use contact lenses.

Chapstick and Lotion travel essentials

The air in the cabin can also cause dry lips and dry skin. Bringing these two can avoid issues brought on by the recycled air in the cabin.

Ear plugs or any noise-cancelling headphones

This can drown out any noise from the plane or even from the person next to you. This can be helpful for people who would like to sleep soundly.

Medication and basic toiletries

These items from your travel essentials checklist may vary depending on you. Make sure to bring small, three-ounce bottles of liquids and gels if you intend to pack your toiletries in your carry-on bag.

Reading Materials

It can be your Kindle, iPad, magazines, newspaper, and any other material that can entertain you for the rest of your trip.


Yes, this should be included on your travel essentials checklist. At some point during your flight, you will need something to munch on, and if you have food ready in your carry-on, then you’re going to be okay. Remember, if you’re hungry, then you get grumpy. And nobody wants a grumpy you when you’re up in the air.


Believe me, this is not optional. You will need a pen to fill out all of the required forms for your travel. You might be annoying someone just by borrowing their pen, so you better be ready with your own.

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