Choose Your Solo Holiday Destination

By Mae Davies / October 26, 2014
Choose Your Solo Holiday Destination

I‘m a single woman and I’m planning to go on a solo holiday, but where should I go?” Sound familiar?  For a single woman who wants to take a vacation and go on a holiday alone, this is probably the first question that pops in your mind.  With the hundreds of beautiful places all over the globe and with a lot of them considered as the best vacation spots for single women, choosing where to spend your solo holiday can seem a little bit difficult and confusing.  But if you consider some factors when choosing your destination, it will surely help you narrow down your list of best vacation spots

Here are some of the factors that will help you choose your ideal destination:


Your budget is a very important factor that will help you make your choice among the best vacation spots for single women.  Everything really boils down to it.  Even if you really want to go somewhere but your budget can’t afford it, then it would be really futile to insist going to that place.  So when choosing a vacation spot, make sure that you can afford the places that you’re eyeing.  Do research on the travel expenses in those holiday spots and cross those off the list that you think are totally outside your budget.  Making sure that your getaway is within your budget will really keep you from stressing out and worrying constantly during your vacation.  With the money issues out of the way, you’re sure to really enjoy the rest of your holiday. solo holiday


Are you planning on a holiday because you want to go to the beach, attend amazing parties, immerse yourself in the wonders of another culture, and inspire your creativity by visiting artistic places or just because you want to relax and get away from everything?  Whatever your reason is for going on a solo holiday, make sure that you take this in consideration as you choose your destination.  For example, if you’re a party gal and you want to take a single’s vacation, then head to one of the 5 Best Vacation Spots for Women Who Love to Party, like Ibiza and Las Vegas.  Or if you just want a holiday to escape the chill of the winter months, then consider going to South Africa, Canary Islands, or other Best Vacation Spots for Single Women During Winter


Safety must be the top priority that every single woman should consider.  When choosing a getaway place, make sure that it’s not just affordable and one of the best vacation spots but also that it’s safe and friendly for single women.  Also, make sure that the place has activities for singles since obviously you won’t enjoy a holiday place that’s just dedicated for couples and lovers or solely for retirees

Travel Time

The amount of time that you have for an actual holiday must also be considered, as well as your travel time.  If you can only get away for a few days, then it would be wise to choose a place that’s not too far from your place or would not require a lot of travel time so that the little time that you have won’t be wasted in airports and ferries.  But if you have a lot of time on your hands, then make the most of it by considering going to many places (even those that are located on the other side of the globe) so that you will be able to really make the most out of your solo holiday trip.


Last but not least, make sure that your holiday destination offers a lot of fun; the more activities for single women that it can offer, the better.  With a lot of entertainment and activities that abound in the place, you’re sure to enjoy every bit of your solo holiday.

So what are you waiting for?  Choose your destination and go solo to one of the best vacation spots for single women!

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