Coffee Enema—The Ground (Coffee)-Breaking Benefits

Coffee Enema—The Ground (Coffee)-Breaking Benefits
Before anything else, let’s start this article with a clear reminder. The pieces of information here are not geared towards making people turn to coffee enemas for their health issues. It is meant to inform, not to replace professional medical advice. It is a solid request to seek first the consultation of your physician before venturing on this cleansing procedure.  Although the benefits of coffee enemas are recognized by many, real safety should precede positive testimonials.

If you are skeptical about the benefits of enemas, you have every right to be (even doctors were when they first heard of it). After all, who would want coffee in the liquid they are going to administer in the rectum?

So, for the purpose of education and possible treatment for your health condition, let us discuss the groundbreaking advantages of this enema.

The foundation of coffee enemas—how long ago was it when it was first used?

The benefits of coffee enemas were just discovered in the 1920s, but did you know that an enema in itself has been going on for thousands of years already? It is a form of hydrotherapy, believed to be first used by ancient Egyptians to cleanse the colon. It is even mentioned in the Dead Sea scrolls.

During the 1920s, while Doctor Max Gerson was studying about the cure for cancer, he stumbled upon the use of coffee for enemas. Since then, he used this procedure alongside nutrition and diet.

What benefits were found by Max Gerson, MD?

First and foremost, they found out that coffee enemas could hasten the elimination of toxins. It is made possible because coffee can travel all the way to the liver and increase the bile output, unlike when you use saline solution. When there is an increase in the bile output, it promotes alkalinity in the digestive tract, thus promoting digestion. On top of that, coffee serves as a cleaning agent that drives away impurities from the colon walls.

Now, why is this benefit of coffee enemas important?

coffee enemaA lot of medical experts will tell you that most of the diseases happen because of toxins present in the body, or particularly, in the colon. When the digestion process ends, not all of the waste matter in the colon is flushed (during the process of defecation), some of itremains in the walls, and the toxin can be re-absorbed back by the body. This ultimately causes “dirt” in the blood. And when blood is dirty, all things about health can go down.

Just imagine how many years you’ve had, and how much of the waste matteris stuck in your large intestine walls.

This is the reason why the benefits of coffee enemas are very spot-on—it cleanses the body of toxins, and it removes the waste matter on the colon wall.

The 2 Week Diet

Benefits of coffee enemas, achieved after….

The benefits of the enema are best achieved when you administer it after having a bowel movement. It will also help if the whole colon is covered by the water—so you have to alternately lie on your back, right side and left side. You can also massage your abdomen.

Not being able to hold the water is normal for first-timers, so just be patient. If you experience signs of hypoglycemia, try sucking on a hard candy after the procedure. During your next session, have the hard candy before.

If you’re suffering from rectal issues such as hemorrhoids, you have to be more careful in the insertion of the enema tube. The best course of action is to let professionals do the procedure for you.

Once again, a lot of people have started on coffee enemas after a doctor’s advice. You too, should do the same.

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