Colon Hydrotherapy For a Sexy Body

Why are celebrities suddenly so bent on promoting the wonderful effects of colon hydrotherapy? More specifically, why are they thanking this procedure for their sexy body? In this post,we will discuss the infamous colon hydrotherapy weight loss.

First up, weight loss happens very visibly during the first sessions. Women who tried it said that they have instantly seen the results– meaning a few inches lost in their waist line and several pounds taken away from their weight. How did that happen?

Weight loss happens because of the large amount of waste matters expelled from the colon, as well as the gas.


colon hydrotherapyDo you have to worry?

Most women prefer the methods for colon hydrotherapy weight loss because it is very simple. All you have to do is lie down, trust a health care practitioner when she inserts a tiny tube in your anus, and let the water (filtered, and the temperature is controlled) flow into your large intestine. After that, you have to hold the fluid inside for less than half an hour (usually 15 to 20 minutes). And then expel it out by passing stool.

So, colon hydrotherapy weight loss is only effective at the beginning?

No, the results are very visible during the initial stage, but it stays with you. The main purpose of colon hydrotherapy, or most commonly referred to as a colonic, is to cleanse not just the colon, but the whole body!

Let’s discuss that further. When you pass stool, not all of the waste matters are removed. Some of them become impacted in the walls of the colon. If they stay there for long, they can be reabsorbed by the body, and then the blood will become contaminated. Cleaning the colon is another way of cleaning the blood– ensuring that no waste matter is reabsorbed. The effects are better absorption of nutrients and better elimination. When these two start to kick in, losing weight becomes easier.

What else can a colonic do to your colon?

  1. It will exercise the colon – They say that having colon therapy regularly is similar to bringing the colon in the gym for a workout. The fact is when the waste matters build up, they make the large intestine weak. The introduction of water in the colon improves peristalsis, the muscle contraction responsible in moving the food.
  2. Improves that colon shape – When there are waste buildups, the large intestine starts having some pockets and it also becomes narrow. The re-shaping of the colon is bad, as it worsens the ability of the colon to get rid of toxins. The water therapy and the massage initiated by the therapist helps re-construct the shape of the colon.
  3. The colon becomes more effective in helping the body become healthier – What others do not know is that the large intestine has a reflex point that corresponds to certain parts of the body. Those reflex points are exercised during colon hydrotherapy.
  4. Bodily hydration – A colonic also improves the body’s water content. When the body has enough water, its ability to remove waste from the blood is also improved. In a nutshell, a colonic also helps the heart and the entirety of the circulatory system.

Are you convinced yet? You have to understand that colon hydrotherapy weight loss is not the only goal; the goal is to have a healthier body. So, take care of your colon, and it will take care of your weight!

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