Do You Have to Be Attractive To Use Feminine Wiles?

use feminine wiles

It’s no longer a secret that women, in one way or another, do influence men in a number of ways. One way that women do this is through the use of our feminine wiles. 

Depending on the kind of man, a woman’s influence can be from just little and simple things to even major ones.  Whether we like it or not, there’s a mystical power that women have over men.

The use of feminine wiles can be very beneficial to a woman. 

A lot of women would actually say that they have maneuvered through difficult situations just by using their womanly wiles and that they have gained and benefited something by using it.  

And even in getting a man, our feminine charm can indeed become very helpful.

But the eternal question for women is this:

When and How to use your Feminine Wiles

Do I have to be attractive to use my feminine wiles?

If by attractive you mean having a pretty face and a hot body like Angelina Jolie or any other model or actress, then the answer is ‘No’.  Having a perfect body or a perfect face is not necessarily needed.

Attraction does not equal beauty 

First, I believe that every woman is attractive in her own skin.  Every woman has strong points, assets, and attributes that may differ with that of other women. 

There is no one beauty standard

Second, not all men have the same type, so to speak. 

Not all men like skinny girls or model-like girls; some men may look at a woman’s personality more than her vital statistics.  And third, the capacity to use our natural assets is already imbued within every woman by virtue of our femininity.

5 Advantages of Using your Feminine Wiles

Use your skills and be creative

Though being attractive, pretty, or beautiful can be an added plus, what really matters is our technique, skill, and creativity. 

It’s a reality that there are many pretty and attractive women, but they’re not that influential when it comes to men, either because they are shy or because they don’t have any charm and sex appeal, or even if they have allure, they don’t know how to use it to their advantage.

Learn to be a little mysterious

Don’t share too much about yourself on a first date. You can even try turning into a game of ‘Learn more’, I’ll leave it to your imagination to take it to more exciting dating experiences! 

Dig into what others perceive in you as charming 

Instead of trying to become attractive and trying to become like the women on magazine covers, what a woman must do instead is know her charms, her strong points, and her best attributes and then use these to present herself to others. 

The Essence of Being a Woman

Embrace your sexy side

However, it is essential that in order for a woman to effectively use her charms, she must embrace her sexuality and give herself the appearance of conventional femininity. 

Rely on your social skills

Therefore, she must have certain social skills and graces, aside from just having pure sexuality.  She must also be at her best as well as exude confidence.

The Essence of Being a Woman

Femininity in this sense must not be seen as a weakness because in reality, we’re using this as our strength to have some power or influence over men.  If you just think of femininity as a sign of a woman’s submissiveness and weakness, you will really have a hard time in confidently using your charms.

Feminine Wiles – What are they?

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