Are Jeans Casual Wear? [Decoding Dress Codes]

Dressy Casual Attire Jeans or No Jeans
J]eans are widely bought, used, and worn by both men and women.  It’s one of those wardrobe staples that will never go out of style and that will surely be used for a long time.

From flare, to straight cut, to skinny jeans, it’s a piece of clothing that can be certainly used over and over again.  From street wear, to casual, to a fashionista outfit, a pair of jeans will always come in handy.

But when it comes to dressy casual attire, is wearing jeans okay?

Dressy Casual Attire Do’s and Don’ts for Women

Dressy casual attire refers to casual attire that’s just dressier, or in other words, a dressed-up version of your ordinary casual wear.  It is halfway between formal and casual; it’s chic but less formal.  This is one of the reasons why many people seem perplexed in deciphering what dressy casual attire really is.

And as if to add more to the confusion, there’s a lot of debate going on about whether or not wearing jeans is appropriate for dressy casual attires.  Are jeans really acceptable?

On one hand, many would say that denims and wearing jeans is a big no-no when it comes to dressy casual attire.  Instead of jeans, many would opt for a dressy pants outfit, a knee-length dress, or a skirt paired with a silk shirt or a blouse with a dressy fabric.

Just to be on the safe side, people would rather choose the usual work attire but on an informal level to give the vibe of a relaxed and dressier version of the usual business attire and fitted and slim slacks instead of jeans.

However, many people also differ in their opinion about the above-mentioned.  Jeans can also be worn in a casual event that is being held at a less formal and more social type of venue like a dinner or an evening out with friends.

I can imagine jeans paired with a really fancy blouse or silk shirt with a tailored blazer and heels or wedges.  That just screams chic, fashionable, and casual at the same time and can also pass for dressy casual attire.

Dressy Casual: The Difference Between Smart Casual and Business Casual

So, in my opinion, wearing jeans is okay as long as it’s dark (not faded and much better if its designer jeans), well-fitted, not ripped, with no holes in it, and as long as it’s paired with a nice and dressy top (better if accessorized with a scarf or worn with a tailored blazer) that would make it chic and not too casual.

Wearing jeans is also okay as long as the overall look is well-coordinated and well-accessorized.  Also, it’s best to consider the venue and location of the event when deciding whether or not to wear jeans.  But when in doubt, it’s always best to ask the organizer or the one throwing the party what he or she expects the guests to wear and whether it’s okay to wear jeans to the event.

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