Easy Smoothie Recipes for Tummy Slimming and Weight Loss

Easy Smoothie Recipes for Tummy Slimming and Weight Loss
You may have already heard that the simplest way to lose some weight is to include belly fat burning smoothies and juices into your daily diet.  Just so you know, that is actually true.  These are great sources of nutrients and fiber that are essential for you to lose weight.  And the best thing about it is that it doesn’t involve any complicated procedures.  You just need to have the right kind of ingredients that are packed with the nutrients that aid in your weight loss and then of course your blender.  When you have all these, then you can certainly create your very own smoothies.  So if you are ready to start losing that ugly belly fat using simple and easy smoothie recipes, then keep reading!

The following belly fat burning smoothies contain very minimal ingredients but are highly packed with the nutrients you need to burn and lose that belly fat.

Pineapple Smoothie

With just 3 ingredients, this pineapple smoothie can really be an effective aid in your weight loss.  It has the sweetness and tartness that is perfect for you.  Whip up your refreshing drink by blending 4 ounces of pineapple chunks (you may include the juice), 1 cup of skim milk, and about a cup of ice cubes.  Blend and mix together until smooth.  If you have flax seed oil, you can also throw in about a tablespoon to complement your already amazing pineapple smoothie.

Strawberry Smoothie

Another one of my favorites is the strawberry smoothie.  Strawberries, just like any other berries, are excellent sources of nutrients that are sure to blast that darn belly fat away.  If you are really into losing weight, especially on the common problem areas of your body, this is a great recipe for your tummy.  You only need a cup of strawberries, ½ cup of Greek yogurt, and a cup of ice.  Blend all these together until smooth.  This smoothie can be a snack or a replacement meal.

weight lossApple Smoothie

Have you ever wanted to try a green smoothie?  Well, here’s an incredibly tasty and amazingly effective belly fat burning smoothie you can try.  As usual, the ingredients are at a minimal, although you can add a little of this and that to make your drink a little bit more interesting.  Prepare 1 medium green apple (chopped), 6 ounces of vanilla yogurt, ½ cup of skim milk, and about a cup of ice cubes.  Place all your ingredients in your blender and blend away.  When the consistency is smooth, then your green smoothie is ready to do its job at trimming down that belly fat. 

Peach Smoothie

If you’re up for a belly fat burning smoothie that’s sweet and tangy, then this peach smoothie is perfect for you.  You just need a cup of frozen and unsweetened peaches, another cup of skim milk, 2 teaspoons of flax seed oil, and a handful of ice cubes.  Blend the peaches, skim milk, and ice cubes until smooth.  Add in the flax seed oil when ready.  It’s as simple as that but can definitely do a great job at helping you lose some fat.

We all know that weight loss isn’t that easy.  But if you prefer to take advantage of these simple yet effective belly fat burning smoothies, then these recipes should aid in your weight loss goals.  It really doesn’t have to be complicated.  Sometimes all you need is to count 1, 2, 3 and you’re good to go.

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