Effective Trick to Curb Sugar Cravings

trick to curb sugar cravings

We all know that sugar cravings are almost always a losing battle. We just have to have our dose of sugar when we start craving for a fix. Anybody with a sweet tooth knows that no meal is complete without dessert, the highlight of most meals, anyway. But sugar is weight loss’s worst enemy, and apparently, your health’s too. It contributes to diabetes, obesity, and most recently, it has been linked to cancer.

Dessert is everywhere, and the battle to have some is being fought every single day. To order the famous brownie ala mode at the restaurant you’re at, to say yes to an offer of a birthday cake slice, to buy that pretty cupcake on your way home, to grab that last bar of chocolate from the refrigerator. Denying yourself of the sweet treat is such a challenge.

Here’s a quick, effective trick to curb the sugar cravings:

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can instantly curb your sugar cravings, and it also offers other benefits. It helps break down fat, helps control blood pressure, and gives relief from food, pollen, and pet allergies. Apple cider vinegar is vinegar and, therefore, acidic, but has the exact opposite effect when consumed. It causes the body to become more alkaline, so there’s no need to worry about becoming acidic.

The next time you want to reach for that sweet temptation, add 2 teaspoons of sugar cravingsapple cider vinegar to a glass with 3/4ths cup of cold water. Stir with a teaspoon and drink up! Apple cider vinegar has such a strong taste, you may opt to lessen the vinegar for the first few times until you get used to its taste. Whether you’re cutting back on sugar for health reasons or simply to lose weight, you now have a quick fix.
Before you head off to the next dinner party where there will surely be a lot of temptation, have a glass of water with apple cider vinegar to help you triumph over the challenge. You may even permanently incorporate the apple cider vinegar concoction into your daily routine to always keep the sugar cravings under control and lose weight in the process.

Sugar is addictive so once you cut back, the cravings become less intense and easier to control. While an occasional dessert is fine, regular consumption of sugary snacks should be given up. Sugar comes in beautiful and irresistible forms, but the next time you crave it, you now have a fix to curb the sweet craving.

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