CBD Oil [Benefits For Pain, Acne, Stress & Brain]

While a majority of individuals who are actually not fully aware of the benefits of CBD oil, as a derivative from cannabis tend to dismiss it as another product that only gives a high because they don’t really understand the differences nor do they have a full understanding of THC effects.

Far from it, CBD oil, acronym for Cannabidiol is high on medicinal value and lesser on the intoxication level.

The sites mentioned in this article are some among the more reputed and respected sites that offer a range of products specializing in marijuana and cannabis derivatives, has CBD oil as one of its flagship products. Here is all that you’ll need to know about CBD oil and its benefits.

Powerful Pain Relief Properties

CBD oil has an effect on the receptors in the brain, thereby helping in pain management. CBD oil, when used after chemotherapy, has been documented to be effective, offering relief. Reportedly, studies are underway, to understand the possible effects CBD oil in managing pain from arthritis and spinal cord injuries. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are considered as the reason behind the efficacy of CBD used in the formulation of a drug for treating multiple sclerosis.

Effective Anti-acne Treatment

By virtue of its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD oil is effective in managing acne. There are studies which have proved the effectiveness of the oil in preventing the sebaceous glands from causing the inflammation on the skin. Glands which are responsible for producing sebum, are responsible for hydrating the skin with the natural oily substance.

However, due to over production of sebum, acne bursts on the skin, leaving marks. With CBD oil of superior quality from Davinci, the activity in the glands will get controlled, leading to acne management.

Tackling Neurodegenerative Disorders

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Diseases that cause the degeneration of the brain, are actively being studied to understand the results and effects of CBD oil in managing and helping to treat the disorder. Some of the more common degenerative disorders are currently in medical trials to study how effectively Cannabidiol enhances the body’s ability to deal with. Studies are at an advanced stage to understand how the CBD oil will work to treat and manage the diseases.

The possible properties of the CBD oil which is reportedly expected to help are its anti-inflammatory properties which help to prevent the degeneration from manifesting into unmanageable proportions.

Great Option For Relieving Stress

The very properties of CBD as a derivative of cannabis, makes it ideal to tackle stress and stress-related disorders. By handling the manner in which brain receptors respond to serotonin, CBD offers powerful options for receptors to respond positively to stimuli, thereby creating a sense of lesser stress.

CBD is known to have positive effects by reducing stress, offering faster relief to individuals experience symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), while keeping heart beat rate low in individuals suffering from the physiological effects of stress.

CBD oil is used a topical application by rubbing on the skin CBD itself is available in different forms, such as capsules for oral consumption, and is also available in a liquid form which is sprayed in the mouth for treating multiple sclerosis.

What are your experiences with CBD oil? Have you enjoyed any health benefits? Do you have any questions about it? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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1 thought on “CBD Oil [Benefits For Pain, Acne, Stress & Brain]”

  1. I’ve recently heard many accounts of positive effects from cannabinoids, from either cannabis or hemp. It led me to research the endocannabinoid system and the potential for inciting apoptosis in irregular cells via the cb1 and cb2 receptors – has anyone had positive experiences or more info on using Cannabis sp.? I know due to regulation there is little known about the potential of most cannabinoids (there are many, not just THC and CBD), but it seems to me herbalists will be some of the wisest or most experienced in its use at least anecdotally.

    I’ve met a recovered cancer patient who relied solely on an extracted oil blend of cannabinoids to recover from an extreme and dangerous (no longer on the market) dose of chemo. When she sweated in her clothing, they would begin to fall apart, her chemo was so strong. Speaking to the caregiver, he has treated many more in a similar fashion, so it really peaked my interest.

    The difficulty is both finding a legal place to buy and consume the preparation (even oils with no thc from C. ruderalis can be illegal), and finding someone who really knows the plant at that level and can precisely extract what is needed without getting garbage like pesticide ridden oils from a cheaper source. It has been banned so long in the US that we here are behind in the scientific study and use of it medicinally beyond burning or simple tinctures, and I think many recent discoveries such as the cofunction of the immune system and the endocanabinoid system are only now leading to more attention globally. Where we usually have only a tiny window into the full potential of a plant, this one is many times obscured from ignorance, sadly, due to its use recreationally and the so-called war on drugs.

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