Exercises for Arm Flab: How to Look Fabulously Armed

Exercises for Arm Flab How to Look Fabulously Armed
O ne of the many goals of a woman is to have a body that is beautifully sculpted – especially those parts that she loves to flaunt around.  But if you face the mirror, raise your arms, and all you can ever focus on is that jiggly wiggly part that makes your arms look more like batwings, you have work to do.  Arm flab.  Yes, that extra bit of fat that clings to the back of your arms can be discomforting and can make you run for more cover.  You see, your arms are a little more difficult to hide as compared to your hips or your thighs that normally get jiggly, too.  So if your questions are, “What causes arm flab?  And what are the exercises for the arms that can help me say goodbye to that ugly flab?” then you are looking at the right page.  Before you start diving into some tedious exercises for arm flab routine, let’s focus on the first question you might have.

What causes arm flab?

The flabbiness around your arms is simply because of the excess fat that has already accumulated in your arms.  Unfortunately, these didn’t appear out of nowhere.  Your arm flab may be caused by the following:

  • Hormonal changes due to aging.
  • Slow metabolism.
  • Lesser protein intake.
  • Stress and lack of sleep can affect how your arms are sculpted and toned.
  • Incorrect or insufficient workout routine.

Now that you know the possible causes of that jiggly part on your arms, it’s time to move on to the next question.

What are the exercises for arm flab that will make you look fabulously armed?

Sure, you may not have full control over the causes of your arm flab, especially when it comes to hormonal changes and the like.  But you can definitely do some exercises for arm flab before the excess fat takes control of your entire arms.  Here are some simpleexercises that you can do.

  • exercises for arm flabOne of the most effective exercises for arm flab is push-ups. The intensity you get from doing push-ups can definitely develop and tone your arms and even the upper part of your body.  Simply lie on your belly and use your toes to give you a good brace.  With your hands placed on the floor, use the muscles of your arms and slowly lift your upper torso off the ground.  Keep your body in a straight position as you lower down your body to the ground.  Raise your body back up, making sure that you inhale and exhale properly each time.
  • Another common and effective exercise for arm flab is bench dips. This routine is very simple and does not require anything other than just a regular chair.  On the edge of the bench, sit up straight while extending your legs forward.  When you have secured that position, get a firm hold on the bench and slowly slide yourself off the bench, keeping your legs and your back straight.  After lowering your body down to the floor, gently prop yourself up with the use of your arm muscles, still holding on to the bench until you get to your original position.  Repeat the routine several times to get rid of that flab.
  • Finally, never be afraid of those dumbbells. Just so you know, women don’t bulk up as easily as men do, so you can incorporate dumbbells into your routine.  A shoulder press should be a good exercise for arm flab.  Not only does it contribute to strong shoulders, but it also helps tone and sculpt those flabby arms.  Hold a dumbbell on each hand, keeping them at shoulder-level.  Slowly straighten your arms, keeping them above your head.  Count 5 seconds and slowly lower down your arms to shoulder level again.  Repeat the set and you are sure to say goodbye to those flabby arms.

If you are conscious about those flabby arms that make you lose your confidence, start with any of these exercises for arm flab that are sure to help you look fabulously “armed.”  Have fun!

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