Finding a Job that Suits You

Finding a Job that Suits You

So there you are, in your room, taken over by the happy memories of your graduation. On one hand, you are sad because you will miss your daily activities at school, the friends you hang out with at your usual hangout places, and all the joys of being a student. But on the other hand, you are happy; you have graduated with flying colors, your family is proud of you, and you are ready to face “the real world.” You are an adult, a single woman with a purpose, bursting with possibilities. You are about to fulfill your dreams. So you have decided that you want to go on finding a job. You want to use the skills you learned from school and earn from it. You want to save up so you no longer need to depend on your parents. You want to feel your worth. Everything is possible.

But the problem is that you have too many options and you are confused about which ones to take. You are afraid to commit mistakes. Like most “first” things, you want your first job to be perfect. So you wonder: how do I go about finding a job that suits me best? Here are some useful pieces of advice that may help you sort things out from the get-go:

One word: focus

It’s understandable that you want to do many things, but the most effective way to accomplish them is by concentrating on them one by one. Say you’re a journalism graduate. What aspect of journalism do you want to focus on? Do you want to write for broadsheets? Do you prefer field reporting? Or are you more into writing for magazines? Know what you want and work from there. Be great at it. And along the way,
things will fall into place.

Create an impressive CV finding a job

Yes, you are a new graduate. But that shouldn’t give you an excuse to make a lackluster resume. Emphasize your strengths and involvement in extra-curricular activities. Employers look for well-rounded individuals who are patient and hardworking. Impress them with your perfect grammar. Choose a nice-looking font and don’t cram everything into one page. Remember, this is the first impression that you will make on your potential employer. This is the first step in your career.

Study how employment websites work

In the old days, people went about in the classified ads in newspapers and arranged interviews over the phone when they were into finding a job. They still do that now but less frequently because of the Internet. Employers post their vacant positions online, complete with qualifications, requirements, and contact details. All you have to do is e-mail them your resume and wait for their call. It’s that easy. Nevertheless, you should put this convenience to your advantage. Scour all the available jobs that you like. Weigh your options. Pick the best ones and accept the job offer that will make you happy and grow as an individual.

Be patient

With the stiff competition around and the huge number of hungry young minds like you, you can’t always get what you want at a time you want it. Don’t lose hope easily. Things take time. Don’t be afraid to commit mistakes. These are values that will help you survive the most difficult situations in life.

Seek advice from people who matter most to you

Of course, you are not alone, and you must not face “the real world” alone. Talk to your parents and share your dreams with them. They’d be happy to hear your aspirations and they’d certainly help you achieve them. They have been where you are now. They understand you. Be open to them.

Also, call your friends. Just because you have all graduated, that doesn’t mean your friendships are also done, right? They know you, so they would also want what’s best for you. Listen to them, but keep in mind that the final decision is still up to you.

Finding a job that suits you is just the beginning of something wonderful. Be optimistic. Good things will eventually come your way.

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