Finding Mister Right

Every woman wants to have a “happily-ever-after”.  We want to have the perfect career, the perfect family, the perfect life; and of course, the perfect love.  As children, we dreamed of having our own fairy tale prince; as teenagers we desired the most famous guy in our school, and as adults we long for the ideal husband.

Yet finding mister right has never been that easy.  But for those who were able to finally find him, the long search has indeed paid off.

Where is Mister Right? And how can we find him?

First, lower your expectations.

To be honest, there’s no such person as Mister Right or Mister Perfect – only the person who’s right and perfect for you.  We need to understand that we are all humans who are susceptible to committing a lot of mistakes.  No person is exempt; Mr. Perfect only exists in our dreams, in movies and in books.  That’s why we need to lower our expectations.

mister rightThe problem with us women is that we tend to be easily discouraged or turned off whenever we find any flaw in a man.  Our concept of the “ideal man” hinders us to fully appreciate the man that we have in our lives.  Must we focus on intangible qualities instead of the real person beside us?

According to Jacques Maritain, “We don’t love qualities; we love a person; and sometimes by reason of their defects as well as their qualities.”  It’s not a single individual quality that makes a man right for you – it’s the overall person of the man that makes him truly perfect for you.

Second, be ready to mingle!

You cannot possibly find the right guy for you if you just end up hibernating in your bedroom every night – even on weekends – totally cut off from the social scene.  You know finding mister right cannot be done by mail, so you really have to go out and be ready to meet new people.

People say that love can be found in the most unexpected places – it may be at the party of a friend that you must not miss; it can be at the social event where your attendance is required; on a holiday at some unfamiliar place, or it might be just around the corner – literally.  The possibilities could be endless.

Third, never be afraid to meet Mr. Wrong.

How would you know that he’s the right one for you if you haven’t met the wrong one?  It’s actually the same principle as us having to experience winter in order for us to truly appreciate summer; feeling sadness so we know what happiness is, or knowing what is cold so that we can tell what is hot.

It would be realistic if we could acknowledge the fact that, more often than not, our first love may not be our only and last love.  Other women may be very lucky in that they have found the right person on their first try, but ordinarily, there can be a lotof heartbreak and tears before we find that one person who is perfect and right for us.

If you give up just because a past relationship didn’t turn out well, or just because a past boyfriend was in every way incompatible with you, then for sure you won’t have your own happy ending – because you’re always afraid and always hesitant to open yourself up to finding mister right.

Finding mister right or the right person to love and spend our lives with is surely not an easy task.  But like everything that’s precious to us, it’s always worth the effort.  But who knows?  With the right expectations and the right attitude, maybe today, maybe tomorrow, you’ll eventually bump into that one person who, though imperfect, is nevertheless perfectly right only for you.

Three Easiest Methods For Finding Your Soulmate

How to Help Your Partner and Your Best Friend Get AlongThe world is a huge place, but globalisation and the internet has made it seem smaller. The remarkable thing about our technological age, is that you could find your perfect match across borders or even oceans. Today, technology and urban life allure us with a promise that somewhere, in this boundless world, there’s someone out there who is perfect for us.

How will you find that perfect someone, when you don’t even know where to look? See these three fun ways to get you started.

1. Online Dating

One of the most common ways to find love in this digital age, is through online dating. In fact, this is the second most popular way of meeting people after being introduced through a friend.

From Tinder and Coffee Meets Bagel, to and Zoosk, there are almost too many sites and apps to choose from. This medium for choosing a date has become very popular over the last decade, with more and more people choosing to create an online profile, rather than try and connect with someone the old-fashioned way.

While the idea of a dating app might sound intriguing, as part of my research, I have taken a look at a few of the top sites, and many of their interfaces are pretty awesome. And, of course, your privacy is of utmost importance, so be sure to do your own research before submitting your personal information on a dating site or app.

2. Gene Matching

This may seem like a strange way to find a date, but it seems like science might have a way to determine who our perfect mate is. Once again, I took a look at a couple of sites, and this seems like it could actually be fun. I mean, how many people could there be whose DNA can be matched with yours? Aren’t you interested in finding out? Remember that old saying, “It was written in the stars.”? Well, now it would seem that it could be written in your DNA.

There are sites such as Gene Partner and Instant Chemistry, which are devoted to helping individuals find their perfect match based on DNA, or even determine if you and your current partner are actually compatible (what if you’re not, though? Yikes!).

I don’t think I would be brave enough to find out if we’re compatible or not. I’d honestly just prefer ignorance, in this instance. But, for all you brave souls out there, or those who are having serious doubts, this is one way to determine if you’re meant to be.

3. Take a Class or Join a Club

For those out there who are more like me, a great way to meet new people is by taking a class or joining a club.
I have heard it said that “you are never too old to learn something new”, and I believe that this is true. When I said you should take a class, I didn’t mean academically.

Take a cooking class, or a wine tasting class, maybe even pottery, if that’s what you want to learn. Maybe you secretly wanted to learn fencing or knitting – the possibilities are numerous. Broaden your horizons, step out of your bubble and you may find the other half of your soul.

Book clubs are likely the most popular type of clubs out there, but you could join a sports club instead, if you’re a more active person – such a running club, for example. Whatever your hobby or interest is, there’s probably a club out there that is dedicated to it.

I think this would be a wonderful way to meet your soul mate – you’ll be meeting people who love doing the same things that you do. Aren’t common interests usually the first thing that you look for in a potential life partner? Then again, my other half has almost nothing in common with me, so what do I know?

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter which method or dating tool that you decide to use. You could use one, a combination of them, or all – the only important thing, is that you don’t give up on finding your soul partner.

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