Fun Ways To Get Into Shape With Spinning

Get Into Shape With Spinning

Spinning is the perfect choice for a calorie burning high-intensity workout. Whether you go to a spinning class or create your own customized home spinning sanctuary with quality equipment from get in wave shape, spinning is the perfect workout.

But what do you do when you get bored?

Sure, being drenched in sweat and gasping for oxygen is a sign of workout intensity, but what if you want to have fun too?

Here are a few options that take spinning class to the next level.

Aqua Spinning

This is exactly what it sounds like, spin bikes in a pool. Aqua spin classes are springing up all over the place. You get the novelty of being in the water and the fun of the spin class combined in one. The bikes used are not your standard spin bike and resistance is actually produced by pedaling in the water.

This workout is great for novices but may not be intense enough for hard-core spinning enthusiasts. Still, there is something novel about cycling in water. These workouts are supposed to be easier on the joints while still providing awesome cardio benefits. They are also fun, different, and can boost your mood.


Psycle is a full-body party on a bike. It’s more than an exercise class. It’s a party on a spin bike. Complete with loud energizing music, club lighting, and a lot of instructor-led enthusiasm combined with arm movement. This workout emulates a night at the club. If you took your spin bike dancing.

Spinning can be intense, so anything that makes it fun and helps the time pass is welcome. These types of workouts are becoming more popular and most people find them really fun. There are even regular spin gyms bringing in DJs and lighting to emulating the Psycle experience.

Turbo Trainers

So, you don’t have an expensive spin bike, but you still want a cycling workout. If you already have a nice bike, you can invest in a turbo trainer and use it to ride your existing bike indoors. Many cyclers use these in the winter when the weather doesn’t permit them to cycle.

Drawbacks of using a turbo trainer are that they can be boring and noisy. To handle the noise problem, you can look for a direct drive magnetic trainer like the CycleOps Silencer or JetBlack WhisperDrive. To combat the boredom, you can always turn to music, podcasts or TV.

Turbo Trainer Games

We already talked about how boring using a turbo trainer can be. This is why turbo trainer games are gaining momentum. Zwift is a turbo trainer game that allows you to link up your trainer with your Apple device. Then you ride with other cyclists in a virtual environment.

To get the most out of Zwift, you will need a smart Turbo Trainer like the Wahoo Kickr or Tacx Neo Smart. Once you are all hooked up, you can participate in coach directed workouts and competitions with other riders.

If Zwift isn’t intense enough, there is a library of online training videos called Sufferfest. These workouts are set to motivating music and based on footage from pro racers. Most people get a lot out of their spin workouts, but if you want something a little different the above options should help.

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