Gina Neely’s Five-Step Guide To Weight Loss

Gina Neely’s Five-Step Guide To Weight Loss
Gina Neely’s story is one of inspiration and success. Most popularly known for her Food Network cooking program, “Down Home with the Neelys,” Gina has always been seen as someone on the bigger side. However, she surprised many people as she recently came out with a completely new look, having lost a total of over 50 pounds. With her transformation to a size 0, many people have been asking what her secret is and how she got to where she is now. So here is a guide on how you can follow in Gina Neely’s footsteps and achieve the desired weight you’ve always wanted.


1. Accept the idea of change

As Gina suggests, the first step to losing weight is acknowledging to yourself that something has to change. Without change, there will be no progress in your life. It may be your eating habits, your daily physical activities, or your lifestyle that you have to adjust. So accept that you need to make new decisions when it comes to the way you live your life.

gina neely2. Clean out your fridge

The next thing you need to do is clean your fridge right away! Remove anything that is loaded with saturated fats and sugars. This is basically the first step to eliminating temptation. By not including them in your fridge, you won’t be able to see them and you won’t be tempted so easily. Only fill your fridge with the essentially healthy foodslike fruits, vegetables, and lean protein.

3. Prepare a balanced diet

Plan your meals carefully, which also means learning how to cook with healthy food. A lot of people are afraid to change their menu because they also fear that they will be sacrificing taste in return. However, this is a common misconception, especially for those who love to eat. You can still enjoy delicious meals by experimenting and using various herbs and spices. Search on the net how to use different spices to come up with healthy but yummy dishes. Take this from Gina herself who has her own restaurants and cooking show.If she can do it, so can you!

4. Move some more

Next comes exercise. As everyone knows, this is the key to having a fitter and slimmer body. Exercising will enable you to remove all that excess fat while making your muscles strong.Gina’s favorite means of exercise is running. For her, it’s one of the easiest ways to burn calories. Plus, it’s very enjoyable and you can do it just about any time and anywhere.Keep in mind that eating right is not enough. You should also make sure to exercise daily and make it a habit. Eating a balanced diet and exercising always go hand-in-hand. Doing only one of the two will not be enough if you want to be successful in losing weight like Gina Neely.

5. Take it one step at a time

Finally, as Gina suggests, take everything one step at a time. There’s no point in being frustrated if you don’t achieve your desired shape and weight by the end of the month. Losing weight takes a lot of patience and time. As long as you follow the ideal regimen daily, then you’ll get there eventually. Be patient and don’t overexert yourself. Rushing things will not help you get closer to your goal. Keep in mind that it’s more important to enjoy what you’re doing and be healthier.

Hard work and dedication; these are the two things that Gina Neely has shown to people as she was able to work her way into losing weight and being healthier. Make sure to apply the same principles in following this guide, and you will surely be able to achieve Gina’s weight loss success.

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