Home and Over-the-Counter Parasite Cleanse Recipes

Home and Over-the-Counter Parasite Cleanse Recipes
Parasite infection and parasite cleanse recipes may seem like the last thing you have to worry about in a developed country, but statistics show that up to fifty percent of Americans have a parasitic infection. Parasites mostly live in the human intestines. Parasites most often infect human hosts through contaminated food or water. Pork products and shell fish are both guilty of being parasite carriers in the United States, but airborne parasites also infect people in great numbers. Know the symptoms. Some common effects of having an intestinal parasite are joint pains, skin rashes, diarrhea, and sinusitis. Luckily, as easy as it is to become infected with a parasite, it’s almost as simple to get rid of them. There are many parasite cleanse recipes that can be made at home to fight off and keep out nasty bugs.

The best way to get rid of intestinal parasites is to starve them of their food source. Parasites live off sugars and complex carbohydrates that turn into sugars. Going on a fasting liquids-only diet is a good idea if you think you have a parasite. However, not just any liquid will do. Fermented drinks starve the parasites as well and paralyze them so they are easier to expel. You may see the worms in your stool as your body expels them. Many health experts recommend a 3 to 21 day low calorie liquid diet to flush out parasites.

parasite cleanse recipeCertain herbs are also very useful ingredients in parasite cleanse recipes. Dried oregano and essential oil of oregano are both extremely volatile and anti-parasitic. Two to three drops of oregano oil and some lemon in water make a handy cleanse recipe that you can take everyday. Clove also works well and can be either substituted for oregano or used alongside it. Other herbs that make fine ingredients are ginger, wormwood, and black walnut. If convenience is very important to you, you should know that clove, wormwood, and black walnut all come in capsule forms to be taken on an empty stomach.

Some foods that can be used in parasite cleanse recipes are extra virgin coconut oil, raw garlic, onions, jalapenos, and raw pumpkin seeds. Extra virgin coconut oil has medium chain triglycerides that enhance the immune system, helping to kill off parasites. Raw onions and garlic provide sulfur containing amino acids that are anti-parasitic. Pumpkin seeds also contain amino acids, which paralyze parasites and make them lose their grip and get expelled from the body. A tip for taking jalapeno is to chop them up, mix them with yogurt, and eat them without chewing. Alternatively, you can mix the jalapeno with a food high in fat such as goat cheese or avocado and it won’t burn when you chew them.

If you don’t feel like mixing up your own recipe, there are many over-the-counter remedies you can use that are as natural and safe as the homemade stuff. ParaPure Parasite Cleanse is an over-the-counter parasite cleanse recipe that has all the good stuff in it. It has black walnut hull, wormwood, clove, garlic, and pumpkin seed as well as other ingredients known to fight off parasites. These ingredients include English lavender blossom, which is antiseptic and anti-parasitic; orange peel, which acts as an anti-fungal; male fern root, which has been used for centuries as a medicinal herb to treat digestive health; and others. Whether you go the homegrown route or pick up a bottle of ParaPure Parasite Cleanse, you can trust that these natural ingredients will rid you of your parasite problem.

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