How Having Belly Fat is More Dangerous Than You’ve Ever Imagined

By Mae Davies / September 2, 2015
How Having Belly Fat is More Dangerous Than You’ve Ever Imagined
Whether we like it or not, the chances that our bodies will become pear-shaped is high once we’ve reached a certain age.  By then, our metabolisms will have slowed down, which can cause us to gain weight.  While most of us would panic at the mere sight of a small paunch hanging over our belt loops, some of us wouldn’t really mind.  Since several belly fat blasting smoothie recipes, exercises that could easily be done at home, and diets that all promise weight loss can now be easily found online, some women may assume that they have to deal with their belly fat only when they have to do so.  The reality is that, if you ignore it, belly fat can cause you more trouble than you ever thought it could.

At first blush, the only problem that belly fat can cause you is not being able to fit into your skinny jeans, slinky dresses, and miniskirts anymore.  Eat nothing but some vegetables for a few weeks, as well as jog several kilometers each day, and you’ll be able to slide into these clothes of yours once again.  But the problems you may have that stem from belly fat won’t end here.

What you can see of your belly fat is only a part of it.  This part is called subcutaneous fat.  Found underneath the skin, subcutaneous fat is basically the body’s extra layer of padding.  Sounds harmless, right?  Perhaps it is.  But it’s the other layer that you should be worried about.

belly fatThe other layer of belly fat is called visceral fat.  This layer is found deep within your abdomen, surrounding your internal organs therein.  As such, unlike subcutaneous fat, visceral fat normally isn’t visible.  But the latter poses more of a threat to your health than the former.  Not only do experts link visceral fat to life-threatening diseases (e.g., cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and colorectal cancer), but they also say women with large waists due to the high amounts of subcutaneous and visceral fats within their bodies are more at risk of dying of these diseases than women with regular-sized waists.  The reason for this is visceral fat lays right on top of the organs that are all necessary for keeping you healthy, such as the liver, kidneys, and pancreas. Since visceral is “very metabolically active,” according to experts, their being situated on these vital organs can have adverse effects on the organs themselves that can lead to certain complications, such as inflammation within the body and activation of cellular pathways that are linked to certain diseases.  The experts also say visceral fat has been attributed to insulin resistance.  They say having an insulin resistance has adverse effects in the blood sugar levels, which can lead to complications as well.

Are your knees shaking already?  Although belly fat is scarier than you’ve ever thought it could be, regularly consuming a belly fat blasting smoothie, exercising at home, and following a healthy diet will prevent its harmful effects in your health.  We’ll soon be publishing the belly fat blasting smoothie recipes we’ve found that we trust will work.

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