How Not to Get Rid of Stress

By Mae Davies / October 30, 2014
How Not to Get Rid of Stress
Stress is basically a state of mental tension caused by your problems, which can be as small as not waking up when you were supposed to, or as big as losing your keys to your apartment. Hence, the things that can cause you to feel stressed are virtually endless. Luckily for us, there are practically as many ways of dispelling this awful feeling as there are things that can cause it. But we should be careful in choosing which way to improve our mood because some are good examples of how not to get rid of stress.

One way of not getting rid of stress is getting wasted. No matter how good you feel while doing so, there’s no guarantee that you’ll feel better when you wake up. Getting wasted does nothing for you except temporarily distract you from your problems. Until you actually deal with the cause for your stress, it will remain in your life and make you feel distressed or agitated. If you still proceed to get wasted when you’re stressed, know that you’re effectively putting yourself in a vicious cycle of discomfort with no hope of ever truly feeling better until you stop.

To avoid putting yourself in such an awful situation, here are some other ways how not to get rid of stress:

Ignoring Your Health

Many of us live fast-paced lives that seem great at first but are actually doing us more harm than good. For example, rendering overtime may be good for you and the company in which you work, but you’ll get sick if you keep doing so without stopping every once in awhile in order to rest. If you keep doing so without caring for your health, you’ll become fatigued, stressed, or worse. get rid of stress

Not Spending Time Alone

Stress, whether we like it or not, is an unavoidable part of life. Persons and things that can cause us to feel stressed will always be around. If we don’t spend time alone, away from them, we’ll always feel stressed. But we aren’t telling you to avoid your problems. Some time alone gives you time to recuperate and thereby have renewed mental and physical energy to deal with them.

Being Pessimistic

No matter how bad your problems get, believe that you can deal with them. Your problems may be tangible, and you may feel more awful than you’ve ever felt before, but stress occurs in your mind. You won’t ever be able to dispel this feeling of distress or agitation until you put yourself in a positive state.

There are so many ways to dispel stress that some are not ways to get rid of stress at all. No matter how good some of those ways can make us feel at first, they won’t be worth it because they will cause us more harm than good in the end. Having explained the ways that won’t enable us to feel relieved, we hope to help you dispel your distress effectively.

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