How to Attract Happiness into Your Life

People perceive happiness in so many different ways.  Some find happiness in material things, some find it in the comfort of their homes with their families, and some find it somewhere else.  The great question is, how do you achieve happiness or even attract it into your life?  The tips below are based on the theory of the Law of Attraction.  This theory basically says that anything you give to the universe, it will respond back to you in a similar manner.  I was a skeptic until I actually tried it.  Are you ready to attract happiness into your life?

Are you ready to attract happiness into your life

Be thankful for what you have

 Sometimes a lot of people become unhappy because their happiness is based on what others have that they don’t.  When you appreciate even the smallest things that you have, the world will see it and it will send you greater things that you will be more thankful for.

Be positive 

When your daily vocabulary consists of ‘no,’ ‘I can’t,’ ‘I’m not sure,’ and all the negative words you can probably think of in response to a challenge, a goal, or just a daily activity that you are faced with, then the world will conspire to give you exactly what you have been saying or thinking.  In this case – a big rejection that’ll totally drain all your happiness away.  Having an optimistic attitude toward life will give you reason to keep working and keep trying to do your best to achieve your goal.  Sometimes it takes time and effort, but the rewards can be really overwhelming.

attract happinessSmile and greet people with a simple “Hello”

As simple as it sounds, the effects of you smiling can be huge to other people.  And when people see you with that awesome smile that is very contagious, you will find a lot of them smiling back at you and responding positively to the positive energy you have just released. This is a very effective way to attract happiness.

Stop being so hard on yourself 

You are not perfect.  While this should not be your excuse to constantly fail at what you do, this should remind you that at times, despite exerting all your efforts and doing your best, somethings are just not meant for you.  Period.  There are things you can’t change and you only have to let go and move on.  Stop beating yourself up.  

Happiness starts within.  You can’t attract happiness if you can’t even find one reason to be happy.  Happiness is a choice.  It is a habit.  You either embrace it or you let go.  It’s totally up to you. 

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