How To Exude Confidence On A First Date

How To Exude Confidence On A First Date
We all know that confidence is a highly attractive trait and we would want to exude confidence on a first date.  We all would want to come off as a confident, smart, and funny woman.  But how do you exude confidence when you’re all jittery and nervous?  Being women, we all know the extent of the preparation that goes into an outfit for a date.  There’s your make-up and whether you want it sweet and natural or bold and daring.  Then there are the clothes, which have to have just the right level of sexiness.  Finally, there are the shoes, which can’t be too high just in case your date isn’t much taller than you.  How to exude confidence with a bit of sexiness and maturity through clothes is an art in itself.  We’ve all been through this exact situation, but it doesn’t seem to get any easier.

Naturally, we all get nervous on a first date.  Even with the possibility of ending up with a date you’re not interested in, the anticipation itself is nerve-wracking.

And when the moment finally arrives, no matter how prepared we are, we get too nervous that we sometimes forget to relax and enjoy.  Here are a few tips on how to exude confidence on a first date.

Smile.  Smile some more

One of the things to do in order to exude confidence on a first date is to smile more often.  A great smile also signals that you are a happy person and that you like having a good time.  Nobody enjoys the company of a dour person, and smiling is a sign that you are enjoying your time and company.  But more than just smiling…

Be a good listener

When a person is lacking confidence, he tends to talk about himself nonstop.  But being a good listener is a trait of a confident woman.  Another way to exude confidence is by being a good listener.  It is also the only way to get to know your date; ask questions and listen to the stories.  You can show that you are genuinely interested in the other person by listening; this way, you get the details that you will be able to recall by the end of the date.

Sit up and stand straight

As a general rule, good posture is a universal rule when trying to exude confidence.  Having a slumping person across from you is unappealing.  So sit up and stand straight.  Show your date that you are a confident woman.

Be courteous to the wait staff

How you deal with the wait staff and other people in general will say so much about you.  It is an indication of who you really are and how you were brought up.  Even if the service is slow, a date is not the time to demonstrate how you get mad.  Being courteous and polite are ways to exude confidence.

how to exude confidenceBe decisive

When your date asks you if you would prefer red wine to white, pick one.  Or if you would prefer a cosmopolitan, say so.  Avoid answering questions with “I don’t know, what do you want?” and “It’s up to you.”  A confident woman knows what she wants; don’t leave all of the decisions to him.  If you are being asked, show confidence by giving a concrete answer.  Being indecisive is contradictory to exuding confidence.

Focus on the now

This final tip is perhaps the most important dating advice on how to exude confidence.  This tends to be a common deal breaker, so focus on the now.  Avoid conversations about your past relationships and future marriage plans.  Remember that a first date is about getting to know each other and enjoying each other’s company.  Talking too much about your past relationships may come off as you being bitter and still not being over your own past.  You may be tempted to discuss how you were the wronged party and even about the lessons that your past relationships have taught you.  Don’t.  Your date may start to think you still have issues to deal with and that you’re not yet ready to start and build a new and healthy relationship.  Talking about the past gives the idea that you have not yet moved on.  In the same way, you also don’t want to appear as being preoccupied with the idea of marriage because it’s a known factor that may scare men away.  You definitely don’t want to sound desperate about walking down the aisle soon because your clock is ticking.  Simply focus on getting to know each other.  Discuss your interests, whether common or not.  Or talk about your date’s hobbies and what he’s passionate about.  What makes him laugh?  And can he make you laugh?  Being happy and content with your current state is one way to exude confidence.

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First dates are nerve-wracking no matter how many times you’ve been through them.  How to exude confidence is as important as having fun and enjoying your time.  That’s what will make it memorable for you and for your date.

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