How To Exude Confidence When Meeting New People

How To Exude Confidence When Meeting New People
You have an invitation to a friend’s party and you know a lot of important people are going to be there.  You know it could be fun but you’re never really comfortable surrounded by a bunch of strangers.  Or here’s another possible scenario:  the office is hosting a cocktail party for clients and partners.  It would be a great way to expand your network and strengthen key relationships.  If only you were one of those social butterflies effortlessly chatting up people. But when you get nervous at the thought of going to such types of events where you are to meet new people, here is a guide for you on how to exude confidence and effortlessly meet new people:

Prepare topics of conversation

When you are going to an office event, brush up on the recent happenings at the office.  Not office gossip, mind you, but more along the lines of new accounts won or updates on current projects.  When you are heading to a friend’s party, get a few updates on recent headlines, or if you know the party will consist mostly of literary types, familiarize yourself a bit with terms commonly used among these types of people.  Arm yourself with conversation topics so you are at the ready in case of a dull silence.  Being able to start and participate in a conversation is essential in exuding confidence when meeting new people.

Be confident in your clothes

Whether you are in a new outfit or your favorite one, come to the event feeling good about yourself through your appearance as this is one tip to exude confidence that radiates from within.  When you feel good about the way you look, you begin to start feeling confident.  The way you look will be one less thing to worry about and one more thing to boost your confidence.

Loosen up and enjoy

At any social setting, people look to enjoy themselves, so stop worrying about the impression you are making.  You are not, fortunately, at a job interview, so loosen up.  You will surprise yourself at how much fun you will have when you just be yourself and let go of worrying about what the others think of you.  When you stop worrying, you will get to enjoy yourself and the company of new people, and it is going to be one more step to exuding confidence.

Never act on assumptions

You will most likely meet people whom your friends or colleagues have talked about.  Or you will see certain people you will come to assume are snobs.  Let go and forget about rumors and assumptions about other people and get to know them yourself.  Do not burn your bridges before you even cross them.  Keep in mind that the new people you meet need acceptance from you just as much as you need acceptance from them.  Exuding confidence is NOT acting intimidated or insecure.  Keep an open mind about people just as you have opened up your doors to the new challenge of meeting new people.

exude confidenceBe true to yourself

Even if you want to impress the person you are talking to, stay true to yourself.  Refrain from saying things just for the sake of impressing the other person.  Especially when you are nervous about meeting new people, you will often compensate your nerves by trying to impress them.  If people don’t like you for who you really are, then that’s okay.  Nobody is expected to be liked by everybody.  When you are comfortable being yourself, how to exude confidence will naturally follow.

Confidence is pretty much an act.  Almost everyone feels a little insecure meeting new people, and we tend to yearn for acceptance from the other person.  Stop worrying about being judged and the impression you are making.  People gravitate towards somebody who is having fun; try to be that person.  It’s all about mastering how to exude confidence.  Like most things, meeting new people gets easier the more you practice, so get out there and hone your skills!

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