How To Exude Confidence With Body Language

How To Exude Confidence With Body Language
Body language plays a vital and overt role in making impressions and making your presence felt.  Our bodies are such powerful forces for engagement but can also be distracting and can deliver the wrong message.  As social psychologist Amy Cuddy points out, “(Confidence) is more of a process of faking it until you become it.”  Learn how to exude confidence through body language with these solutions.


Good posture

The first body language to give attention to when trying to exude confidence is good posture.  When standing, stand up straight, shoulder back, chest out, and chin up.  When seated, keep your back straight, shoulders squared, and avoid slouching, no matter how uncomfortable your chair is.  Posture is visible and noticeable even from across the room.  A good posture will indicate even to people far from you that you are comfortable, confident, and at ease being exactly where you are.  How to exude confidence is keeping your head up straight and your eyes toward the horizon when you are not engaged in a conversation or when you are walking across the room by yourself.  Keeping your eyes on the ground will imply that you are uncomfortable and insecure.

Maintain eye contact

But don’t stare.  Notice how people usually say that one of the first things they notice in others are the eyes?  Use this to your advantage and get people’s attention fast when you hold their gazes.  To show that you are genuinely interested in the other person and that you are listening to what they’re saying, maintain eye contact.  Even when you find yourself talking to a group of people, look at one person at a time, usually the person who is currently speaking, and avoid gazing aimlessly.  When you make eye contact one-on-one, you will get to establish a connection with each person in the group.  Fleeting glances are signs of indifference or insecurity.  A concrete way to exude confidence with your body language is to maintain eye contact.

exude confidenceDo not fidget

A sure indicator of nervousness is fidgeting. Avoid tapping your fingers, shaking your leg, or fiddling with the bangles on your wrist.  More than indicating that you are nervous, fidgeting is distracting to the person you are talking to.  Avoid small, busy arm and elbow movements.  Try to relax, slow down, and focus your gestures to enforce your ideas.  When you are unsure of what to do with your hands, a tip on how to exude confidence is to hold something, a glass of wine or your purse, to show stillness but keep one hand free to be able to display gestures, to describe something, or to add weight to the point you are trying to make.

Open up

How to exude confidence with body language is to position your body right in front of the person you are talking to so that you don’t have to crane your neck to maintain eye contact.  Angle your body so that you are parallel to each other when talking.  Crossing your arms and legs illustrates that you are guarded and may seem defensive.  Be open to leaning in a bit when the person you are talking to is saying something of interest to you.  Keep your arms open and your legs uncrossed to show your confidence.  Lighten up, smile, and laugh when someone says something funny.  But don’t be the first to laugh at your own jokes.

You have to know how to exude confidence with your body language for people to feel your presence and notice you.  People who are confident display a certain sense of power and authority.  Leaders are able to command attention with their presence alone, so learn how to exude confidence so people will take notice.  Then you will have your chance to shine.

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