How to Forgive Yourself for Cheating Part 2: Face the Music

How to Forgive Yourself for Cheating Part 2: Face the Music
If you’ve read Part 1, it’s likely that you know how to forgive yourself for cheating already. Doing so is necessary for making up for your mistake. But it alone can’t solve the problem. To obtain forgiveness, you should get your loved ones involved. It will be difficult, embarrassing, and painful. But it’s the only way to attain closure.

To help you do the right thing, here are some guidelines:


No matter what your reasons were for doing it, you should admit to your boyfriend, fiancé, or husband you’ve cheated on him. You owe it to him. If you don’t, he might blame himself. He isn’t the only one at fault. He may have had shortcomings that caused you to go astray, but you should’ve tried to fix the problem with him instead of just replacing him.

Confessing also helps you accept that you were wrong. Owning up to your mistake helps you avoid making the same mistake again. Doing your best to be a faithful girlfriend, fiancée, or wife improves your chances of making your next romantic relationship work.

forgive yourself for cheatingAsk for Your Guy’s Forgiveness

It goes without saying that a person should ask the person she’s wronged for forgiveness. It’s the right thing to do. It proves that she’s sorry. Such a show of remorse can alleviate the pain of the slighted person. When she feels better once again, she can truly forgive the one at fault. This reciprocity is sure to result in closure.

Talk to Your Boyfriend, Fiancé, or Husband About What Happened

Not knowing exactly why you were unfaithful renders you unable to avoid or prevent it. You may try to figure out what it is on your own, but there’s no guaranteeing your biases won’t prevent you. As the other person who knows the relationship as well as you do, your guy can help you determine the cause. You should also talk to him about what both of you should’ve done to prevent your relationship from failing. Gaining this knowledge improves the chances that your next romantic relationship will work even better.

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